Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh my god we're back again...

You know what is awesome and amazing?
(Well, besides me. I am pretty awesome and amazing...according to my mother. And ok, she was talking about how "amazing" it was that I had no shame in bringing a diaper out to the living room while we had company when I was four and putting it on myself in preparation for bedtime. Geesh Mom, did you have to remind me, as though I don't have enough embarrassing things from my childhood that are forever burned into my memory, that I was not only an exhibitionist but also a bedwetter until I was five? Ack!)
Um. Sorry. That was not awesome.
You know whats awesome and amazing?

This community is.

I was reading Calliope's blog this morning and she mentioned a year ago making pumpkin ravioli.
That was one of the first IF blog posts I remember reading. After almost two years of trying, we finally had an answer to why there was no screaming baby in our house and I was desperately searching the Internets for more. When I found blogs I became obsessed. I sucked in IF blogs like they were air and I was drowning. There were people who felt like I did, who had been where I was, who had gone where I wanted to.

So a month later I started my blog.
And I read people's blogs and commented.
And people read my blog and commented.
And I got a package from Anna and from Kate.
And I sent a package to Jen.
And I met shinejil and Kelly.
And I got a call from Kara.

It hasn't even been a year, but it seems so much longer.
I have found my home with all of you. People who are so far away - wishingforone in Egypt! Tracy, who's a republican (which ideologically is really, really far away from me)! We're all so much stronger because of each other.

Which brings me back to Calli.
Calliope let us show off what we could do together. What we could accomplish. (OK, yes, it also took Calli's ovaries and uterus and some sperm and doctors and drugs and...ok, but we *helped* is the point.)

Calliope has given up a lot to take care of her grandmother and one of those things is being able to have one of those "paying job" things. After a devastating miscarriage last winter, she didn't have enough money to move forward with an FET. A lot of amazing people came together and created U.T.E.R.U.S.
And partially because of U.T.E.R.U.S., Calli had an opportunity to get the Snork all up in her ute, snuggled in and growing every day.

(Do you guys know where I am going with this? Yeah? Aren't you *excited*? Don't you want to get *involved*?!)

It's time for U.T.E.R.U.S. to spring back into action. You can read about the latest recipients and how you can help over at the incomparable Lollipop Goldstein's place. (You *may* have heard of it...Stirrup Queens ring a bell? Yeah, if I were her I would walk around saying "Don't you know who I *am*?" every five minutes. Which is probably why I am not her.)

So I expect all of you will either:
A) Donate money!
B) Donate stuff for the ebay auction! (I'm sending a hamburger phone from the movie Juno!)
C) Buy something from the ebay auction! (Don't you want my hamburger phone? It has fake sesame seeds on the bun!)
D) Donate something crafty for our etsy store (New addition! And I am running it!)
E) Buy something from the etsy store! (I am putting up beautiful green alpaca wool from Chile. From the 1970s. My mother passed along her "Oh, knitting would be fun, so I'll buy wool while I'm living in this foreign county, but geeze, I don't actually want to knit so I'll just let this wool sit here for thirtyfive years..." gene. And her wool too. She passed that along. And now it could be yours!)
F) Arrange travel stuff for Vee and Max!
G) Donate money!

Whatever you do, don't let this be something that you think "Oh, that might be fun but I don't have much ability to help..." We can do such amazing things for each other. Together.

Please help.


  1. Io, we are so lucky that you joined the blogging community. You are such a bright spark on the internet and I so appreciate your outlook, your humor, and your sweetness (tinged with sarcasm at all the right moments, of course!).

    You make an excellent case for U.T.E.R.U.S. I hope everyone who reads your blog will join up and join in.

  2. I found your blog after someone passed on a Pink Rose Award to you. I click through and read a little on each and every one of the blogs who are given an award. Your title was freakin' hilarious and I was glad to see that your blog posts were, too. How could I not love a little white girl livin' in the middle of the 'hood?

    So yes, you rock, and Lolli rocks, and UTERUS rocks, and last time I bought a header and padded the payment to help Calli out (who also rocketh much), but this time I'm scrounging through the garage for stuff to list on eBay. If I was artsy I'd donate something to etsy. I could draw some stick figures but umm - yeah, I suck.

  3. io- we ~are~ lucky to have you. Me especially because not only are you always clever & usually hilarious & thought provocking, but I got a really great package from you! I will perhaps have to try to make something for the etsy shop- maybe out of the funky red yarn I got! (I am slow though- so it may need to be an ebay donation...)

  4. dude- you are the alpha.
    I am so so so effing excited about the etsy shop addition. awesome idea!
    & if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten to know Kymberli and then I wouldn't have anyone to talk about True Blood with. So glad we all found each other!!

  5. You are so sweet, and helping others is the BEST DISTRACTION ever! I'm so glad you live nearby, even though we have yet to meet up again. Just knowing you're near is a great help.

    Here are some other distracting things:

    Almost as funny as cake wrecks.

  6. I found your blog through Mel's website during my first foray into blogging many months ago. The title caught my eye, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm so glad that you're part of this community, and I appreciate all the kind comments you've left for me.

    I helped out a bit with U.T.E.R.U.S. the first time around and I'm thrilled for Calliope! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the newest efforts. The etsy store is a great idea :)

  7. I live on the other side of 275 but I have been to Jungle Jims quite often. It's on the same road as a couple of Mexican tiendas. We love that place. I think we just might go there this weekend. I bet they have stuff that I can make the ofrenda with.

  8. I think I found your blog through Tracy and then lurked on your blog for several months until you have a post about the vaginas and I de-lurked. I'm so glad we met too in Chelsea - that was a total blast. I want to come and visit you in Indy someday too!

  9. This community IS awesome!