Thursday, September 4, 2008

OK, done for now

It's safe, RNC is over, I'm done snarking about politics for a while.

I have been thinking about how on both sides motherhood/parenthood is such a key word. Never would a single and/or childless woman (or man, actually) be able to be considered for President or Vice President.
More on that coming up tomorrow.


  1. You are so right - can't wait to read more about your brilliant idea.

    I couldn't bear to watch it tonight. I had enough with the dreadful "killa from Wasilla" last night.

  2. The last 4 days have been a waste of time. Last night was priceless.... the man kept talking about change, but he's been imbedded in the system for years. Despite his claim to be an agent of change, he has retreated to the same Rovian dirty politics since he won the nomination. And his VP pick... politics as usual. Give me a freakin' break.... and people believe this shit!

  3. I admit I didn't watch it (I set the DVR, it's was on too late for me), but aside from her political views I keep wondering about the family stuff and Palin. Is she demonstrating her family values by having a 4 month old and going through a very time consuming election? Not to mention she is 44 and knew she was high risk (can you say birth control?). How is that being a good mother? Encouraging your 17 year old pregnant daughter to get married? No education, no skills to live independently, not to mention no money unless she gets it from the parents. Anyway, she's done nothing to impress me as far as family values go. Plus she's really young and McCain is really old. If he kicks the bucket I don't think she has enough experience.

    I do like the way they talked about sleepovers among the children of the democratic party (pretty cute).

  4. Can't wait to read your next post. It is so much a part of American culture that you are not a real person till you have children. You don't even have a family until you have kids.

    Not related to the above: Did you see Wednesday's Daily Show? Fantastic!

  5. I was just mulling subject this over myself. Saw a line in a New York Times article about Palin & "hockey moms" that gave me pause & e-mailed it to myself at home as potential blogging material. I will look forward to your post!

  6. Personally, I lurve reading your political ramblings. Totally agreeing with the poster about Palin's experience. I just don't see how the governor of a state that isn't even a quarter of the size of my city could rule the free world if McCain can't fulfill his term. Not to mention that family "values" she has on display. Cannot wait to see Bill Maher tonight. I am thinking it is a fabulous year for Democrats!