Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reason to love the ghetto

You know, living in the ghetto has a lot of drawbacks. Some of my neighbors are trashy (but the crack dealer is gone!), our air conditioner was torn apart for copper (but it was old anyways and insurance helped us buy another nice new one!), and there are occasionally dead bodies found in trash cans (ok, no nice way to spin that other than saying it wasn't *our* trash can).

But one of the things that would at first glance seem to be a drawback has actually proven to be awesome.

The Ghetto Kroger.
(For those of you who are unaware, Kroger is a grocery store 'round these here parts.)

Disclaimer: You know that person who brags about how cheap they are? Yeah, I am that person. I can't help it - I was raised that way. So skip this if you find it annoying. Because that is the whole post: Me, bragging about grocery shopping scores.

Our Ghetto Kroger is a step up from the one we used to go to. When we lived in downtown proper, the choices were either ghetto Ghetto Kroger or high-ass-prices grocery store. There was also a ghetto Kroger that was so bad nobody I know would go in it.

Ours is a bit better - it's a lot bigger, has a produce section that is doesn't *completely* make me wonder about the racist/classist practices of the corporation, and has an organic section.

Don't get me wrong - it's still ghetto. The produce is not as bountiful or fresh as stores in my parents neighborhood. There is no olive bar. The store seems to have a policy of only opening two lanes, even if there are twenty people in line, which there always are. Despite our pleadings, they don't carry the New York Times like the Kroger down the road closer to suburbia(we used to get it delivered, but it turns out nobody would deliver to the ghetto and we had to cancel because we never got our paper.)

And I can't completely blame them for some of these things. Hell, I know I wouldn't use the olive bar, so I know that the crack whores probably aren't bemoaning the lack of one.
But here (finally, I know, where the hell is my point?) is my point. Because people are poor around here, they don't buy some things very often. Therefore they have manager's special stickers all the time to get rid of things that people aren't buying. I have become an expert at spotting the orange stickers from a distance. The organic/natural foods area is one of the best places for these. And tonight I scored.
The past couple of weeks, the organic section has been getting spare. They haven't been restocking. Which had me worried that perhaps they were going to do away with Amy's Pizza and Kashi.
It turns out they were getting new products, so tonight all the leftover stuff was marked way off and stuck in a freezer bin for me to find and get way too excited about.

My freezer had been close to empty - tonight, I filled up my freezer. There was a teeny bit of room left after I put everything away so I went back to buy more.
This is a shot of one small section of the freezer to give you an idea:

That Amy's Cornmeal crust with organic fire roasted vegetable pizza that is normally seven bucks? $1.25. That Julie's Organic Ice cream that's normally $4.29? Fifty six cents. That Tofuti fake ice cream crap? Actually quite tasty. And seventy cents. And I got like four huge bags of edamame for seventy five cents apiece.

I love the ghetto.


  1. LOL! Okay ... so I still live in a suburb of Detroit. But really, it's only, oh say 5 miles away from the famed 8 Mile, which is the dividing line btwn suburbs and city.

    Of course, we're also about 5 miles from high class suburbs as well, too.
    (So I guess you can say we're middle class? IDK ... I don't feel middle class.)

    Anyway, this gives me TWO choices of Krogers in my area. The Ghetto-Fab one and the Glamourous one.

    Guess which one I choose to go to?!

    D*mn straight ... the one with the best prices!!!

    I can SOO relate ... :-P

  2. Nice! Honestly, when I saw that picture all I thought was, "Mmm... ice cream!" Sad, but true.

    So when's the dinner party?

  3. I too get WAY to excited about grocery deals. My husband just sighs and rolls his eyes when I have to give the grand showing when I get home. I am a die-hard CVS-er? too.

    I so want to try edemame(sp?). I don't even know where it is in the grocery store but I see it on food network..

  4. Dude! Screw you and A_ moving to Canada - I'll just move to the ghetto so I can shop at your Kroger. Those are some sweet deals! So jealous. That never happens here. Mostly because the evil corporations don't have a grocery store in our ghetto and when they close them down and sell the building they include a clause that nobody else can ever build a grocery store there and our fuck-up parade of a city council allows such things to happen.

    Yeah, a bit of a sore point. But anyway - so jealous. I would be stocking my freezer up, too.

  5. Your ghetto is sooo much better than mine! (to be fair though we haven't had any bosies in trash cans, but the rest is feasible)
    our grocery stores are cheap & ghetto with the crappy produce, but they are woefully lacking in any organic section or good deals. i have been looking for edamame for months & the hub finally stopped one day while he was at work in a chinatown grocery store for me. now that's an interesting grocery store!

    I totally saw the ice cream & had a homer simpson ' cream' moment!

  6. Wait, ghetto organic? Really? I think a solid appreciation for Kroger has to be taught early - my husband refused to even visit the ghetto downtown supermarket after it opened last year, but I was all for the adventure (although rather glad he came with me when I went for the first time - the only opening 2 lines can be an issue when someone of the customers aren't quite in a state to stand in line ...)

  7. Huh. Where I'm from Kroger is an mid to upper-end store. It's the Food Lion's and IGA's you have to watch out for.

    Excellent score-age of goodies!

  8. SCORE! I despise Kroger b/c of their cluster-f idea of checkout, but this post totally makes me want to check out the organic section of my own ghetto Kroger-- or possibly the ghetto-er one in Twin Air by the Big Lots palace we like to frequent on the weekends (another awesome place for surprising gourmet finds).

  9. in the ghetto! in the ghetto! (in Cartman's voice).

    Good job!

  10. wow. THAT is a fantastic haul. well done!

  11. Damn! Good hunting, Io!

    The Kroger folks here refer to as "ghetto" is so NOT ghetto that it's ridiculous. I mean, how many trustafarians do you need to prove that it is so not ghetto?

    I'm terrible at food bargain hunting, though I do buy produce based on price (i.e. more reasonable price usually means it's in season and tastier) at our fancy hippy co-op. And the bulk section has some very good deals...

  12. Oh how I love a good deal! Nice buys. I LOVE grocery shopping in the discount baskets. Husband, not so much. He thinks it's embarrassing. So he gets to stay at home and I get to get the deals and show them all off along with the prices and discounts. YAY!!!
    Have a GREAT day!

  13. I love the Tofutti ice cream stuff.
    I would love to see pictures of your neighborhood. It's piqued my curiosity.

  14. Wow, what awesome bargains you got!! Kinda makes me wish that we lived in the ghetto too!! LOL!!

  15. Dude, that's AWESOME. I love a bargain!

  16. I am one of those people, too, who always brags about how much I DID NOT spend! I was just telling a friend today that the jacket that I was wearing that she was taken with, was only 4 dollars!

    I love deals! Good for you; way to shop!!

  17. Okay, that is AWESOME! I will, however, totally admit to being SO JEALOUS of you and your fully-stocked, way cheap freezer goods. My freezer is empty at the moment and now I'm feeling like I should hit the ghetto Kroger and pull an Io!

  18. Thanks for the Ebates sign up girlie!!


    Isn't it shitty though that we eat SO HEALTHY and still cant' seem to conceive like the crack mamas?

  20. You crack me up! I'm rubbish at finding grocery deals here in Canadia but in the UK I was always scoring deals like you got... ahhh the good old days!

  21. love that julie's ice cream! score!

    everybody loves a bargain, as my grandmother used to see.

    the issue you raise is so real though, how hard it is to find good bountiful food at affordable prices, especially in the ghetto. I beg anyone to think about heart disease and diabetes and other ailments and tell me they are not related to poverty.

  22. Jealous! I get to live in an area that is ghetto on the street next to ours and is the most affluent neighborhood in W-S on the street on the other side of us. So we don't get any good deals at our local grocery, 'cos all range of people shop there. All the grocery stores here are expensive, except for Food Lion which is so incredibly ghetto-scary, bad smells, no produce, rotting meat, etc. that all but the most ghetto of ghetto people won't shop there.

    Lucky you! Those look like some awesome deals.

  23. When I lived with a friend in the ghetto side of an Atlanta suburb our Kroger always had the best prices. I moved in with the hubbo and he lived in a high end area and the Kroger there was three times as much. Now Our Kroger is just sketchy and I love managers special stickers on stuff. I have never in my 18 years being vegetarian found such great deals as you. You go girl! Way to shop! Makes me want to run out to Kroger tonight and see what I can find. Amy's for less than 4 bucks! wow!

  24. p.s. your first paragraph made me wonder if Tony Soprano didn't really die and instead moved to your neighborhood. :)

  25. Oh Io you just totally crack me up. I love your ghetto Kroger too - when I come visit you, you must take me there!

    Unfortunately I have the expensive Kroger by my house - in fact they've given themselve a more foo foo name "Fresh Fare" di da. Tony refuses to go there, he goes to Meijer. I'm lucky that he does the shopping, but unfortunately he doesn't know where to find Oregano, flavored coffee cream, marinades, etc. so I usually end up at Fresh Fare, I mean expensive Kroger a few times a month. Okay why was this comment all about me? Gosh I'm selfish!!

    Glad you got some kick-ass bargains at the Kroger!!!!

  26. I'd take a few dead bodies* in the alley for cheap food. Hell yeah.

    *as long as they aren't anyone I know...

  27. D. and I have had several out-of-town friends who arrive in bright daylight, get out of the car, and loudly proclaim our working-class neighborhood to be the ghetto. It does have its advantages (inability to install copper fixtures not being among them). I think I've had an easier IF experience because I'm not surrounded by "yuppie breeders" with high-end strollers, as in a friend's very gentrified neighborhood.

    But the grocery savings? I've noticed them but can't quite embrace them, because every time I go to certain grocery stores, I notice how rotten (sometimes literally) the produce selection is, and how close to or past expiration the dairy foods are, and how few low-fat or whole-grain options are available. Grocery discrepancy is a huge injustice.

  28. Amazing deals! Don't you just love it when you find steals like that?

    I'm a fellow cheapskate (aka bargain hunter) and make it a point to shop those clearance bins EVERYWHERE between New Years and October - means I'm just about done shopping for Christmas at about 1/3 the price.