Sunday, November 23, 2008

I lead an exciting life

Sunday night always comes way too quickly. It was a good weekend though.
Friday we didn't really do anything, other than finding Samoa ice cream, but! my cheap move of the week was noticing that there were no rotisserie chickens. It was 6:45 and the sign said they guaranteed it between 5pm and 7pm. So I have a coupon for a free chicken! I called my mom and she was very proud. She thinks it's hilarious that I get such a kick out of stuff like that. I have the ability to get ridiculously enthusiastic about the most mundane things.
I also drooled over an online fabric retailer my friend told me about. A couple made me giggle though. I wonder if my boss wants a pillow made of this fabric for a Christmas present? (EDIT: Bwahaha...sorry Nancy, no, it's not vagina fabric.)

Saturday afternoon I went to my best friend's mom's house. His mom was having a jewelry show of stuff she had made. Darling genius D gave me a gift certificate which was very sweet of him, so I got a couple pairs of earrings and a bracelet.
I love D's parents. I hung out for a couple hours giving his dad shit and catching up with his mom. When they introduced me to people they said I was D's friend and that I was family. It's always nice to be included in somebody's family.

Saturday evening we went to my parents for dinner, and had spaghetti. There was also egg nog. Non-alcoholic. That's about as exciting as that gets.

Then today I went over to my friend M's house. She and her husband want to sell their house at some point and her garage was full of stuff. So another friend of hers and I helped her start organizing. It took six hours but we managed to take a huge load to Goodwill, throw out bags and bags, shred six years of documents they don't need, convince her husband that the moldy stuffed animals from his childhood would never again go to bed with him, and


A lot of time was spent cleaning up a ton of mouse poop. And a mouse nest. And more mouse poop. And some nibbled paper. And some more mouse poop. Those fuckers *love* to poop. Luckily, M's other friend is of the non-squeamish variety and did the majority of the cleaning up. M's five year old wanted to help with the garage, but that gave us a great excuse to keep her inside. Gross. I must have washed my hands fifty times today.

So tell me you all did glamorous and exciting things this weekend so I can live vicariously...


  1. i did nothing fun. i worked out to try to fit my ass into my jeans.

    speaking of mice....B's car had a bit of funk to it. he took it in after several months to get the oil changed and they ended up pulling a mouse nest and corpse out of the air filter.


  2. i also just have to mention that the word verification for this post is:


    how appropriate. :)

  3. Oh mice! Today E was in the garage and he moved something only to uncover 3 mice dead stuck on the sticky traps. ICK! He picked them up for me.

    The weekend was just the practice Thanksgiving. Next weekend should be more exciting.

  4. OMG. I want that fabric! I.. I... well, I must make myself a handbag with that fabric, if for no reason other than to make people blush and laugh.

    My weekend was boring. We went to a football game on Saturday afternoon for faculty appreciation day and froze our asses off (unfortunately not literally, but that would have been an awesome way to save money on surgery...), left early because we were too cold, and made beautiful steak frites with shallot reduction for dinner with big steamy mugs of apple cider spiked with brandy (for me) and whiskey (for H). We watched the remainder of the game at home and cringed as Wake lost it in the last few minutes of the game... grr...
    Today I should have attempted to clean out my closet (have been meaning to get around to this since frickin' MARCH...), but instead, I did almost nothing. I had to go to Target to get a prescription filled, and while there, I found two sports bras that are only just the tiniest bit too small, but they were only $3! Woohoo! And a cute stripey hat for $1.49. Yay for cheap stuff! Yay for your free chicken coupon!

    And now, I had planned to make tea and go watch House re-runs, but I'm afraid I may have to spend a few minutes drooling over that fabric collection instead... Mmm! Love fabric! I'm such a craft-supply whore!

  5. when you mentioned your boss, I thought the fabric would be of vaginas. :)

    ~giggle~ at the free chicken. Were you even going in to get a chicken?

  6. no, nothing fun. I did go to a poetry reading on Thursday and the poet, Mia Leonin, read some of her stuff. She had this awesome line in one of them. She said,"The only word synonymous with labor is woman."

    Beautifully put, don't you think?

  7. Saturday I went to the RE's office to start my first FSH shots for our next IUI.

    Sunday my husband and I hung some curtains in our bedroom (like most home improvement projects we undertake together it came out ok in the end, but the process isn't much fun!).

  8. That's it- when you move to Philly we will be the misers together! I went grocery shopping yesterday & noticed the girl rang up my cabbage as green leaf lettuce. It took almost 15 extra minutes, but I got my $3.20 back. My store also prints out how much you saved on the reciept & that $3.20 put me well over the $20 mark. I am a cheap bitch, but it does feel thrilling in a way!

    Then we clipped my one dog Roxy & bathed both of them for their appointments this morning. Today is day 2 of vacation & I am bringing the dogs to the vet (which should be a grand adventure)Not sure how I am killing the day until 6, but I have acupuncture downtown. I may take advantage of my remaining full day parking pass from a job & hang out window shopping... My real working vacation starts tomorrow.

    Okay- now I have written a novel about me... sorry about the mouse poop, but it could always be worse, you could actually be seeing the mice, or the "water bugs" as they call roaches here! And yay for pretty new jewelry & hilarious fabric!

  9. We did nothing but recover from being sick (dh, not me, but he whines). The weekend always starts with great plans and ends too soon.

    You won my heart by showing a fabric link. Love it! I want to make a lap quilt out of that fabric!

  10. Ew ... yucky poopy!
    But can you make ME a pillow with that firemen fabric?!

  11. I would have been right behind you on the free chicken thing. I totally get into stuff like that too.
    My glamarous weekend was spent on vicodin and cable tv. Not a bad combination!

  12. My husband would have nearly had a stroke over the free chicken thing. Those types of things make his life worth living.

    And if it's any comfort at all? Your weekend was more exciting than mine :)

  13. ICKY! My dog (yes dog) kills any mice that try to live in our garage. I am VERY thankful for my dog. :D

    PS-Love that fabric!

  14. Teehee...those little fuckers DO love to poop.

  15. Pretty earrings! They'll be great w/ your short hairdo.

  16. Woo hoo for the free chicken coupon!!! Things like that make me and Mr. W both happy little campers.

    I love that fabric site. My sister orders from them all the time. That fabric is too much! Ha!

    Ewe @ the mouse poo. That was so great of you to help with all of that organizing and cleaning. Once I found the mouse poo, I'm afraid I'd have been out of there!

  17. And those earrings are just beautiful!