Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last week randomness

Is it really Sunday night already?
Last week was such an amazing week. All week I was sleep deprived and after Tuesday night, giddy. I can't count the number of times I cried, just feeling overwhelmed with pride and hope and joy all intermingled.
Indiana had the biggest change in Rs to Ds of any state. My friend M told me that when she was driving to school Wednesday and heard that Indiana had gone blue she started sobbing. It's been kind of like that.

On Wednesday I got to see the amazing Shinejil who was in town for a conference. I think we were both a bit loopy from the night before, but we had a nice time talking. She is seriously one of the coolest people I have ever met. If I could grow up to be her, I would, but I think it's too late for that, so I will just claim her as a friend and hope some cool rubs off.

Last night we went to a friends house for a re-warming party. K&B had their house broken into a few weeks ago, so they wanted to bring some good karma back in. A stayed home because he is depressed about the bar and his job situation and there were some people from his old department there who are kind of assholish. I said A was sick and avoided those people. I really hope something works out for A soon. A couple of my friends met up with him for lunch a couple of weeks ago and have separately told me they're worried about him.

This morning I took my car over to a friends house and he fixed my brakes for the $60 it cost me in parts. Unfortunately, while he said the mechanics were jerking me around on the brakes hardcore, the steering really is fucked. And he doesn't have the equipment to do that. So I still need to come up with $800 (EDIT: Fuck. Make that $1100) for that. But it's a lot better than $1700. A lot better.

Let's see. What else?

The crappy -
A got a call from a friend and when he asked her about her son she told him she was pregnant again. It just doesn't bother him like it does me and that bothers me. She's the person who always comments on facebook pictures of me with kids by saying "Watch out, babies are contagious" and shit like that. She's really A's friend and I wish he would tell her that we can't have kids so she would stfu.

The fun -

I finally took the mirrors and picture frames I got for a buck and spray painted them glossy orange. (They were gold.) This is after the first coat. I'm making my guest room the most colorful room possible. Now I just need to figure out what I want to put in the little picture frames. Any ideas?


  1. Glad the car costs are reduced. Babies are contagious huh? Asshole.

  2. I'm also very glad you have a lot less in car costs! Sorry about A- I am hoping for great things for him (& you of course!)
    I did something similar with frames- all different shapes, sizes, colors, etc- now painted deep red & waiting to be hung on my wall in the living room. I put colorful flower pics I had taken. But my room is all grey (with one really long red wall) so I would suggest some sort of artsy, close-up photos of whatever- just make them black & white & they'll look great!

  3. In the pic frames-- black and white photos of the animals doing ridiculous things, their best party tricks. For me it would be Rosie snarling with her tongue out to give me a kiss, Buffy's wide grin, maybe Carrot (the cat) reared up on her back paws doing her imitation of a squirrel.

    It sounds like A is depressed. I hope something works out soon. I had an idea for him. I will e-mail you later.

  4. so awesome about getting a hook up for your car chaos.
    Will be sending some good mojo to A and hoping that a kick ass job sitch is right around the corner.

  5. Put random pictures from your childhood in the orange frames. It will be eclectic-wonderful.

  6. LOVE the picture frames! Random close-up photos would be awesome - I was also thinking of just words you like, in a bold, funky font. Not goofy words like "breathe," "relax," "laugh," "love," but just weird words you like. I happen to like "sprout" or "vitreous," for example.

    And as for your friend, perhaps Facebook should create a function complementary to poking - I suggest slapping.

  7. I was pretty sure that your hard work turned Indiana blue -- thanks Io! :)

    I'm glad that the car costs are a bit more manageable.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for A. Shortly after we married, my husband's firm went bankrupt and he was out of work for a while. We had just recently got our first dog, so that kept him occupied and he had some company. Just be as supportive as you can, and still try to go out socially. It's easy to feel down about this, and sometimes I think it hits guys harder as they think they need to be "the provider". ::hugs::

    That's a great picture frame. I like the idea of animal pictures, and some from your childhood.

  8. Ooh--for the picture and white pics of swimmers, eggs, and embies! Oh other people consider that weird??

  9. I hope your husband finds a good real soon and he's back to his old self. This economy sucks. I can't believe how many people are out of work. I would love to quit my job, but i can't find another one to replace it, it's so crazy!

  10. Awesome that you met another blogger. You are on quite a roll now! I'm glad the car expenses will be a bit less - still a ton of money, but more manageable. I hope A can find his purpose soon and does not allow himself to go down the dark path of depression.

    Cute frames!! You are so talented!

  11. ditto to much of that first paragraph.

  12. I LOVE that color orange! Those look awesome, and will look good on any wall. I'm picturing them in my hallway now... :)

  13. Yeah, I had one of those "I can't believe it's already Sunday!" kind of weeks, too. And I, too, was tearful when I realized that my state went full-force Democrat- Pres., Senate AND Governor. Insanity! And I was beside myself that Texas Democrats broke the 35% mark- they managed to carry 45% of the presidential vote, which is phenomenal. Even Dallas and Houston went Democratic, which almost never happens in those conservative hubs. Hooray for Democrats!

    And I am totally jealous of your visit with Shinejil. I wish I could meet up with cool bloggy friends more often!

    And a re-warming party- what a great idea! Sorry about the sucky people there, and sorry about A being depressed. I can't precisely relate, but I do know that there were plenty of times when I felt utterly hopeless as it regards my future, and the weight of that feeling is crushing. I feel for him. Here's to hoping that things ease up a bit for both of you.

    And YAY for the brakes! And BOO for the steering! Car trouble just plain BLOWS.

    I think I would want to punch A's friend. I mean, cool that she's preggo, but people who say shit like "babies are contagious" are insensitive and shitty. She's a lollipop-licker of the highest order.

    As for your newly-oranged frames, I like them very much. Maybe consider putting some swatches of cool fabric, or some cuttings of fun paper in them- you seem to have a touch with finding/using that sort of design thing.

    Whew. Happy monday, eh? Here's to hoping that this next week is a tad slower. I'd like to enjoy a peaceful day every so often, you know?

  14. I'm sending good thoughts to A turning a corner and finding a good job. I know this can't be easy for him (or for you).

    I'm glad that you were able to get your brakes fixed for cheap and sorry that you've still got to dish out way too much for the steering. Booo!

    What's up with people making stupid comments? I agree with Annacyclopedia about the facebook option...they should at least add a STFU option to their super poke thingy.

    I love the orange frames & mirrors!!!

  15. Hey, come down here and we'll fill those frames: St0nebelt is opening a holiday gallery with art from their awesome clients. It is always, always colorful and always hope and joy-inspiring. Also, if I see anything funky, vivid, and small in my travels, I know who'd enjoy it. ;)

    I'm blushing from your praise. You're so sweet! I hope we cross paths again soon, now that I've got my wheels (no more minivans, though, thank the goddess).

    Please give A and Charlie hugs.

    Babies may be contagious, but some of us are highly resistant to infection.

  16. Babies are contagious! Why the hell didn't someone tell me this before I spent money on infertility treatments and a homestudy! Geez. Network people! Network!

  17. Babies are contagious... Yeah, everyone that I told in the last two years that we were TTC got pregnant except us.

    Glad the car costs went down. Cars troubles suck. I hope that A starts to feel better soon.

  18. Babies are contagious?! Dude. That may be the only thing I'm resistant to. What an ass. Smack her with a fish.

    If you wanted to be really creepy (and I am just like this, forgive me), you could take close-up photos of your eyes and A's eyes. Four frames, four eyes. Okay. Trim the photos into the frames on a slight angle, so you can mount them with the pointed ends pointed out and slightly up, like cat eyes. It will be awesome. And creepy as shit.

  19. Ugh. I've seriously considered making my facebook status "Lucie is...barren. So quit showing up from high school and asking if I have kids yet."

    About your frames. A friend once gave me an awesomely tacky gilded frame with a typed poem inside. I always thought it was a neat gift - of course I don't know how poems would look on a wall. Maybe it needs to be something more colorful.

    Hope things get better on the car and job front. And thanks for your warm and encouraging welcome to the blogosphere!

  20. Dried flowers (from your own flowerbeds - or better yet, stolen from someone else's!) would be great in those frames.

    Good luck on the car repair. Apparently, steering is really overrated anyway, given the number of people trying to sideswipe me lately.

    I'm sorry to hear A is depressed. It's a crappy situation. You may have to harass him out of it, instead of offering sympathy, but it seems like you'd be capable of both.

  21. I've had those facebook comments. "Being a Mum is great, you should try it" being one of my favourites. I was also warned against sitting in a chair at work because "EVERYONE" who sits there get pregnant. Hmmmm, everyone but one.