Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sounds romantic

Well, I've consulted with Dr. Annacyclopedia and she agrees - I clearly have consumption. I had the flu all last week and then some and I thought I was finally at the tail end but I just keep coughing. It's not a productive cough, but it's deep and persistent (never fear, I have already realized I need to get to a real doctor and make sure it's not consumption, romantic as it sounds).

It's probably partly my fault - I went to Nashville last weekend to visit friends and stayed up all night drinking and gossiping loudly. It was fun, but not really conducive to getting healthy. And at work we have a conference coming up on Monday and Tuesday. Our VP had a death in the family, so I have to handle his shit on top of mine. Also making me tired.

Next fall, somebody, anybody, please remember to remind me to get my damn flu shot. I have been sick far too much this winter.

So assuming the consumtion doesn't take me in the middle of the night, until I can get in to the doctor, does anyone have any suggestions for what works for them in terms of sinus pressure and chest congestion? I'm drinking lots and lots of water, took some Robitusin, sucking cough drops like they'll make us fertile, using a humidifier...

Friday, February 20, 2009


And to prove that I am not going to disappear for another two months (ok, I know this proves diddlysquat, what with it coming two seconds after the last and being very short) I will post a second time today.
Also, I realized this was bugging me.

Why, if you are a former infertile, who had the marvelous luck to spontaneously gestate as soon as you started the adoption process (really? REALLY?) and are now brewing a second delicious mochaccino baby, would you think that your still infertile friend would be delighted to be charged with finding you a secondhand crib?

I know I'm a bargain hunter, but come the fuck on dude.

I'm a stinky blog friend but I will buy you a bottle of wine to make up for it if I see you in real life

I KNOW! What the hell, right? I just go and disappear of the edge of the earth without so much as, whatever people do before they disappear. Peep?

For the past month or so I've started probably five or six posts, but I never finish them because I get lost in all the muckity muck. It seems like I should write a lot since I've been gone for so long, but then I realize it's all stuff I've written before.

One year ago A_ was about to take the bar He's about to do it again. Hopefully to better results this time.

One year ago I was performing in the Vagina monologues? Well, I'm not performing this year, but I'm putting together a film piece for it again.

One year ago A_ was having surgery to retrieve sperm and I was bitching that we couldn't afford IVF yet. He's not having surgery again, but we just got a bill for $400 so his sperm can sit in a freezer for another year. And I'm still bitching that we can't afford IVF because all those savings are making up the gap between my income and our bills.

This probably comes across as more whiny or angry or whatever other strong emotion you can think of that fits, but I don't really feel upset. I just feel resigned. It's like living in this big Groundhogs Day, only it's an entire year.

I'm stuck again for what I want to say, but I don't want to start and abandon another post or I'll never get back to blogging. So yeah. I know I have a lot I want to sort out and I am a no good wumplebuttheadsnufugus for ignoring my amazing friends for so long, so really, seriously, I am back this time.