Monday, March 23, 2009

monday monday monday

In my last post I used bullet points. It was really exciting, so I'm going to do it again.

Brace yourself.

  • There isn't actually anything happening right now to post about but I feel like talking to you instead of thinking about this pension stuff I'm working on. Feel free to skip the whole post.
  • Seriously, boring shit ahead.
  • I know, I'm blogging from work. I try not to do that normally.
  • So there was a meeting over at the Un*on hall today and for some reason we said we'd order pizza for their meeting even though hit had nothing to do with us. Not sure why, but whatever. So I was all about ordering this local pizza that is delicious, even though it costs more and I'd have to pick it up. But they didn't answer the phone. So I ordered doughy chain crap. Don't get me wrong - I ate it. I even kind of enjoyed it. But I was sad on the inside that it was not the local place.
  • Mizzou won last night in the basketball madness . I can't even begin to tell you how happy that made A. But he was not impressed when I left him hanging by not finishing the M-I-Z he started. I was supposed to yell back Z!-O!-U!
  • Have you ever been to Anthropologie or however they misspell it? I went in there yesterday to buy a birthday present for a friend of mine who really likes the store. It is really fucking overpriced. I used to buy clothes like that, but they were from thrift stores and cost 84 cents, not 84 dollars. And I must be getting old, because the nineteen year old working behind the counter looking fucking ridiculous with her self conscience layers.
  • I got her a pretty green trivet that was on clearance and will match her new dining room.
  • My friend M often gives me books to read and her taste is generally fantastic. Really good lit. So, she went to Montreal last week and bought the first two Twilight books for light reading and then gave them to me. I read them and am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I now am planning to go get the last two in the series so I can read them. They are kind of terrible, but I love trashy novels. Though, I guess it was written by a Mormon for teenagers? So it's not sexy dirty trashy so far.
  • Charlie is pretending I put a treat in his Kong toy even though I did not. Poor neglected pup.
  • I ordered a new computer at work. I decided to get a laptop this time. So I got a docking station to go with it, but because I am cheap, even with OPM, I decided not to get a new monitor. I think I am going to regret that. I'll let you know.
  • I know, the anticipation is killing you.
  • You probably thought to yourself when I warned you at the beginning of this post "Naw, there is no way that Io really has nothing at all to say. I'll read through and something will no doubt be fascinating."
  • That was foolish of you.


  1. Anthropologie is incredibly overpriced and often really poor quality. On clearance is the only way to go.


  2. Never been to the store-but great job on finding something clearance that will work!!

  3. LOL...I love you even when you have "nothing" to say. You're always interesting. :)

  4. I read the first two Twilight books in one weekend, but by the time I got to the end of the second one I had had my fill of "liquid topaz eyes" so I don't plan to read the other ones. Maybe someday when I need a good trashy book fix. They are pretty compelling, though - there's no doubt about it. And my friend who lent me the first book has invited me over this week to watch the movie, so I'll probably do that, too. Liquid topaz eyes and all.

  5. My hand is raised with you on the Twilight thing. Just finished the second book and I guess I'm going to read the rest. They are trashy and not great literature, but I can't not read it.

    I listen to the audiobooks which adds a different dimension, especially since JD feels the need to add "sexually" to the end of every sentence in the freaking book. "Gee, Bella, I don't think this will work." "...sexually."

  6. have actively hated on anthropologie for ages because they don't believe that fat girls should have clothes.
    and seriously- your bullet posts crack my shit UP.

    p.s. read the 1st twilight book, but have been saving the 2nd for...damn, what AM I saving it for??

  7. i devoured the twilight series when i read it! the books took over my life and this past summer i ignored my husband for days when i read the last book. unfortunately the movie (that i saw on opening night!!!) was really bad.

    i've only been to anthropologie once and i couldn't justify paying that much for stuff that looked used!

    btw, i didn't think that your post was boring. ;)

  8. I am an Anthropologie lover but have only ever purchased clearance items with the exception of $18 measuring spoons I feel in love with!

    You will never be boring.

  9. Aaah, Twilight. I had to read the books before I put them on my bookshelf at school. Or this is what I tell myself. :)

    My advice to you? Skip Breaking Dawn. Total disappointment. SM should've stopped after Eclipse. But, if you're like me, you HAVE to read the last one, just because...

  10. I also read the Twilight series. It sucked me in. My poor husband was also ignored for days while I read. I'm dying to see the movie, but I hear it's a huge dissapointment. Liquid topaz eyes aside, what was up with him constantly setting her in his lap or carrying her? Whatever!