Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just another drunk blogger. You ARE drunk too, right?

Oh yes, it was a glorious day. The sun was shining, the faces were smiling, and the beer was flowing.
I wasn't as able to get as pissass drunk as last year (never fear, I am still having to delete and retype half my words here, but the key is that I am coherent enough to know that I am wrong and go fix it. At least, I think I am. I may look at this tomorrow and wonder why anyone takes a damn thing I say seriously. Um, right-io then.)
What was I saying? Typing. Whatever. In my head it's comig out words, so you understand.
Yes. The day started well with the dogs in teh office.
Charlie and Betty were very interested to watch out the front door as people got ready to head over to the parade. R0ger, who is the world's biggest sweetheart, has to run out teh door because the second truck was leaving without him. This is his dog Magg*e, who is also a sweetheart. She doesnt bark or look cross unless you get out a broomm and them she will attack the broom. When she was a littel pup they would sweep her across the floor at teh station.

I think my typing is getting sloppy. Screw it, Im giving in. Hope you can still read this. If you care. If you don't then we both win!

After the ret*rees left for the parade, I went over to the unioon hall where the lovely Sc0tt (check the green pants - he was afraid he looked fat)
handed me this:
Lovely. Please note it is not green, just delicious.

I had to work for most of the event but I got a chance to eat my stew, drink a few more beers, and tkae a couple pictures so you can see what you should all come to next year. (I can house somebody for free, so whoever calls dibs...anyone? Cmon, you know you want to get runk with me.)
This is the beer tent.

This lady was awesome. i wonder how long it will take to get the green out. Or maybe this is just how she wears her hair all year. I don't judge.
And finally, if anyone wants to know why I am now deaf, watch this, press your computer's speakers to your ears and pretend it is 100x louder.

EDIT: Oh, and now looking at pictures, apparently I was already looking a bit bleary halfway through. This is me with B, a kick ass f*irefighter who, and Ge0rge, who is a very special helper.


  1. Yea! Now I am happy. I love you runk! Glad you were able to celebrate.

    And yes, In your head, it's comig out words, I will always understand. You are too funny.

  2. I am even less drunk than I was last year, but I still love you and it's still awesome to read your St. Patrick's day post. Manny is making potato pancakes and sausages for supper here at my folks' place - sort of the eastern European nod to the Irish. And I think they're all going to drink some Kilkenney, too.

  3. I DOOOOO want to get runk with you! Maybe I can roadtrip next year. :)

    p.s. I still remember being amused last year. Yay you!

  4. Your runk posts are always some of my favorites!

  5. I call dibs on the couch! The rest of you can sleep in the tub!

  6. I would LOVE to get runk with io!

    This post makes me smile big! Don't you dare edit! Happy get drunk because we can all pretend to be irish together day! (even though I am indeed irish. At least part)

  7. Looks like you had fun, AGAIN!

    So my 2nd graders came in this morning to a note on the board that said there were gold coins all over the room and to find one and turn it in to Mrs. PJ for a treat. signed, Love, The Leprechaun.

    And the leprehchaun turned some of the desks inside out and some of the posters upside down and moved some other things. Such shenangans, you know!

    And I read Irish tales, of course.

  8. You are a very fun drunk...I might just have to take a road trip and celebrate with you sometime. Looks like fun times!!

  9. Is it bad if I want to buy you another beer and then ask you to post again? Then I'm bad. :-)

    Glad you had a fun time!

  10. Fuck yeah. I love St Patty's day. In fact, right now, I'm trying to find out if I get to go out or if Hubby is going to go instead. If he balks, I'm going to be PISSED.

  11. you runk is great. I am a little runk too. I will call the floor next year. I will bring a damn air matress. Love the lady with the green hair. :)

    Obvioulsy blogger has a runk meter. My word is too hard!

  12. Oh, how I do love these drunken Io posts. I didn't do anything. No drinking, no nothing. I wore green capris though, and that's about as special as my St. Patty's Day was. Oh wait - Frank still has to rub my butt. Don't hate. :)

  13. People were staggering around downtown Hippytown last night by 7 AM, saying hello to everyone they saw and calling me sweetie (the gals, too). It was surprisingly fun to be able to enjoy the drunkenness without actually being shitfaced.

    Which is basically what I felt when I read your post. :)

    Hope your head and tummy aren't hurting today and that you get to enjoy the kick-ass weather we're having.

  14. haha! I put my comment on the last post. It looks like you had a lot of fun! AND-I love the 'runk' post!!

  15. I will TOTALLY come get runk with you next year!!

    Glad you had a great time.

  16. I was the DD last night. . .sigh. But so glad YOU had a good time!

  17. I love your runk posts!!!

    Ooh! Ooh! I want to go next year!!!!

    (i ate too much last night to get a buzz. plus i was drinking piss beer.)

  18. Seriously what is up with me getting an easy word today. Did you recover from your runkness?

    P.S. I tagged you in my blog!
    The Unfair Struggle: "It's Honest Scrap!"

  19. What fun, you looked stuper cute in that pic.

    Love Hazels green hair, sweet. (I don't know she just looks like a cute little Hazel to me)

  20. So, so JEALOUS! What a crazy-ass, groovy time you had. Makes me recall a time (last century) when I set my alarm clock to 5:15 am so I could be there (dressed in whatever green gear I had) for the opening keg tap at 6:00 am at a frat house rocking with music. By 9:00 I was so drunk I couldn't make it to class. Ah the memories...

  21. I like the Unioon! ;-) Where do you live again?