Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You are SOOOOO pretty

You know what, I am cheap, which is one of the reasons why blogging works for me. Do you have any idea how much money y'all have saved me in therapy bills? It's amazing to throw stuff out into the universe and get responses back. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. You are all goddesses.

Ok, now that I have you buttered up...*

Solve my problems!
Well, one of them. I probably can't expect any of you to knock me up or get A a job or perform liposuction on my thighs.

But perhaps you could help me with something a bit easier.

A and I have our fifth anniversary this Friday. Because he teaches a class from 6-10pm on Fridays (Yeah, I know, but it pays so...oh right. Poorly.) we are going to celebrate on Saturday. So here's the problem. I have no idea what to do for him. I need to think of something cheap and not too incredibly time consuming to prepare. And probably not food, what with him being a chef and almost poisoning him the first time I cooked for him and all. Anyone have any brilliant ideas?
Or not so brilliant ideas? I'll take anthing ya got.

Other random thing - anyone in Nashv*lle or thereabouts? I'm going to be on a jury for the f*lm fest down there in mid-April. (Which means that I have to watch 1054 minutes of film in the next month. Oy.) I'll be pretty busy watching f*lms, doing my duty, and of course going to fabulous! parties! but if anyone is in the area, I'd love to grab coffee.

*Everything in that first part is true though.


  1. I've always been a fan of Love Coupons when low on money.

    Make up your own that mean something to you both so it's not generic. Be silly and funny.

    Yeah that's all I got. Wish I were more creative.

  2. Scavenger hunt to find you, with clues that you leave? I would leave him 3-4, and have them lead him back to you. . .in the house. . .scantily clad.

    In a totally different direction, there's Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, it's a kid place, but T. and I have gone there a millior times. We always laugh our asses off when we go there and play all of the silly games. We look totally ridiculous, and love every minute of it. Anniversaries should be about celebrating good times together. They have pizza, so the food is cheap. They might even have beer, actually.

    I once took a map and wrote a message on the back, and then cut it up into little pieces. The map was actually directions to where we were going for the weekend, but you do something else. T. had to figure out a riddle to get more pieces to the puzzle. This was also hilarious. Unbeknownst to me, he had to enlist his friends, because I made the clues too hard.

    Truthfully, I'm generally pretty lazy on our anniversary, and generally just do some sort of dinner thing.

  3. Three words:

    1. pasties
    2. lap
    3. dance

    Happy almost anniversary!

  4. hmm... I am also quite cheap & sad to say we did nothing for our 4 year anniversary this year...

    but- I always am a fan of the sappy love letter left on the pillow. I have made cards & written really bad poems. Basically the same things you do in middle school, but funnier because now I'm almost 30.

    I also suggest whatever you do it is followed up by strawberries & chocolate- prefferable strawberries dipped in chocolate, but either way! Even foodies love them & they are super easy to make- just melt some chocolate, dip & let cool. Done. Followed of course by Kym's suggestion... ;o)

    Happy anniversary!

  5. Friday is the 5 year anniversary of the first time G and i met, so kind of our anniversary too, and he has to work until 10pm! We aren't big anniversay celebrators so i can't give you any good ideas, but i love cards. I love to get them and give them!

    What every you guys do have fun!

  6. Hmmmm... i have to think of something good quick. I'll get back in a few.....

  7. Hey, I've been brought to tears by a heartfelt note. Does A like massages or foot rubs or back scratches? Is there some household task he hates that you could do for a few weeks? A nice drive out to a special place, with a simple picnic?

  8. My 5 year is in April so I'm looking forward to the responses. I do like Kimberli's suggestions, but I've tried it and I usually laughing too hard to for it to come off sexy!

  9. One anniversary, we were short on cash flow, Jeff actually got some wine and we went "parking"! We got to doing the hibbity dibbity in the back seat and then gazed at the stars! It was like when we were dating! hahaha! It still makes me smile.

  10. You know what we do? We actually follow the "traditional/modern" anniversary gift list thing. Then we decide how much we can spend. We've even done the $20 limit. Following the list is totally fun though - makes us think. So, 5 year is wood or silverware. He got me a lap desk. You know, the wooden top and a pillow underneath? Cause I always do our budget in bed. I loved it. I got him, um, fuck. I can't remember. Oh yes. I bought him a wooden buddha. :)

    This way - it's not about just getting some lame gift. It's about getting something that follows the rules. The lap desk would be a lmae desk, but the lap desk was a cool WOOD gift.

  11. I have two freeish suggestions...

    On our first anniversary we had NO money, I made a simple book with memories of the year. I wrote short phrases that highlighted little inside moments and also big events for us to remember. I really enjoyed writing it and I know my husband was touched. I did it again for our five year and plan to do it every five years now.

    The other, I did for my mother. It sounds corny but she loved it. My sisters and I put 365 things we loved about her with instructions to read one a day. 365 is a lot and sorta difficult but she has talked about that free gift all year. She even might put them back in the pottery and read them all over again year after year.

    Good luck! How could A not love you no matter what you plan?

  12. no idea but Happy Anniversary and have fun in that town

  13. Good lord. I suck at buying anniversary presents...

    Bottle of Jack Daniels and a BJ?

  14. Our anniversary is on Monday!
    One year, for Valentine's (but easily adaptable), I cut out 14 construction paper hearts, and made each one into a favorite "memory" of the times we'd had together. If I had pictures, I'd paste it on there, or I printed things from the web, or just drew something to represent the fun times. Like places we'd gone, or dinner's we'd had, or favorite movies. Then I tied them all together into a "book."

    Happy Anniversary!

  15. I'm with Aunt Becky...can't go wrong with a B.J. That's according to my husband, anyway. Happy anniversary!

  16. I love the treasure hunt idea. I also love trying to find an event and putting together an afternoon based on it - like an Egyptian exhibit followed by kabobs and a card made from papyrus paper.

  17. I love Kymberli's pasties and suessgirl's memories!

    Along with s.e.'s suggestion, I once got a little journal with a cute picture of a boy and a girl on the front and wrote "Dream Book" on it. Inside, I wrote all the things I hoped to do with him and made a little mark for the date accomplished and details. I think I also put some of our "favorites" as couples in there. Then I made a space for him to put the things he wanted to do in. Funny enough that was years ago and we still do it and have actually filled some of it out! The other funny thing is that some of the stuff I "dreamed" of doing I don't really care about now. haha.

    Another thing is one day I ACTUALLY found a greeting card with 2 little kids on it who were Asian and white! Can you believe it? I bought a little memory photo box and put it in there b/c it was so cute. Then I put all his letters and stuff from me in it. He still has that. Of course the little Asian baby wasn't an islander, but hey.. beggers can't be choosers.

  18. Totally agree with the blogging as therapy -- I'm ahead tens of thousands of dollars in talk spending deferred. And the responses I get are so much more meaningful, hilarious and more relevant than any 1:1.

    Now - ideas. You don't have much time, but I'm a huge fan of photo stories. Get some construction paper or poster board (or both) and sort through your favorite shots, tap into your great wit, writing ability and write a simple or silly narrative underneath. You can go as absurd or romantic as you see fit. It's cheap and will give you a fun reason to hop down memory lane. If you have more digital photo files than prints, go slide show with your favorite tunes.

    Hope the boobs feel better.

  19. I think you have enough choices here.... whew. I suck at suggesting things, our anniversaries always include food or travel. Have a great day and do let us know what you decide to do. I know it will be hot! Oh and cheap. But amazing.

  20. The suggestions above are great. I agree with the sexy ideas... that always seems to go over well. Have fun :)

  21. Happy Anniversary! It's my 6th on Sunday! I love March weddings!


  22. Amen to the blogging is therapy! I told my counselor yesterday that you girls are my support system.'re awesome-er!