Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Crapolla! And SOCKS!

I have a baby!

Four of them actually.

Ok, so they aren't really mine.

And maybe they aren't actually hoooman babies.

*Warning: I am sure that some of you are going to shake your heads and think or comment on how STUPID my course of action is/was, and I totally accept that, but please try to keep comments along the lines of constructive criticism that I can apply as opposed to telling me what an idiot I am for what is done. I'm already well aware I'm an idiot thankyouverymuch.*
This being the ghetto and all, we have lots of stray and feral cats. A few weeks ago this sweet cat started hanging out in our yard and accosting us with love every time he saw us. And meowing loudly for us to feed him.

*Stupid things #1 - should have realized this was not a mean scary feral and taken him to the humane society in hope that he would be adopted or something. But I think the humane society isn't accepting stray cats. And we worried that something would happen and he wouldn't get adopted and would be killed. Does the humane society do this? I don't even know. They are humane, right? But what does that mean?
I didn't put that much thought into it. Like I said, we have lots of strays around here.

*Stupid thing #2 - should not have started feeding him. I blame A for this. He's a softie.
Plus, it put the angry possum in our backyard where it was pepper sprayed by the po po. (We now make sure there is no food left out after dark.)

*Stupid thing #3 - should have realized that it was not a he. A fat he. Because he was a she. A pregnant she.

*Stupid thing #3.5 - should not have let A name her Tiger. No offense to anyone who has named their cat/dog/fish/child/blankie "Tiger"

So I realized that he looked suspiciously like a pregnant she about five or six days ago. And then she disappeared. And reappeared two days ago looking skinnier.

I came home from work today to find her with three itty bitty baby kittens mewling and rolling around. She jumped up to demand food and after she ate, ran off. I babysat for a couple minutes, then she came running back with another mewling kitten in her mouth.

A and I spent all evening watching the kittens and making them a box to live in for a while. It's not very attractive, but it has a warm blanket, it's waterproof, and there is room for Tiger to stretch out and nurse in, unlike the first box we made where she appeared to be laying on top of the kittens who can't crawl enough to get out from under her.She knocked these two out of the small box when she got up to get food. Ack! Wittle baby feets make me start talking wike a MORON.

This one is in the new roomier box with fancy blanket.

So. Maybe when I realized that she was a pregnant she-cat I should have taken her in for a late term cabortion or something, but I didn't. I am an infertile after all. Although I am pro cho*ce. Huh. OK, let's not get too deep, my brain will explode. It's a cat.

So what do I do now oh great internets? I've been trying to read up on what to do. We can't bring them inside - our two cats and dog might now take kindly to them, plus the the thought fleas or feline HIV or something makes me nervous. Apparently we should socialize the kittens to be cool with humans so they can be adopted and not turn into feral cats. But do we try and find them homes? Call the humane society? I just don't know. Tell me.

(One last it wrong that I am sort of jealous of a cat? I mean, the bitch had QUADS.)

Now. For my mush.
I love you guys!
I got some socks. And by some socks, I mean four(!) pairs of very cute socks with hearts and peace signs all over them.
(Oo! I just realized you can kind of see my toenail through there. I just got my first pedicure ever a couple weeks ago because my friend E paid for it as a treat. Bad. So good. Bad.)

I would show you all four, but three of them are somewhere in the great laundry cycle that is the pile slowly taking over my second bedroom. This is because I loved them so much that I immediately
wore them upon tearing open my package from the kick ass Cece. Thank you Cece!!!
You must have known that I don't do laundry often enough and often have a sock shortage.

I had been lurking and occasionally commenting on some ttc & infertility message boards for months when I first found infertility blogs. A had been told by our doctor a few months before he needed to go in to get an SA done as a first step, but he was dragging his feet. I had a feeling *something* was wrong and I guess we qualified as infertile seeing as how we hadn't gotten knocked up despite trying for well over a year. But it wasn't until we finally found out that there was a real solid you-are-definitely-not-having-a-child-without-extraordinary-measures reason that I felt maybe I could join in the blogging. God it was nerve wracking. You guys all seemed SO incredibly cool and interesting and brilliant. For some reason I didn't think I'd be welcome in the club. I felt young and dumb and incapable of writing anything poetic or deep or interesting. It seems stupid, but I still sometimes marvel that anyone is willing to talk to me.
But you do.
I have made some incredible friends. Some have become real life friends, some have become friends that I call on the phone or get presents from, some of you still live in my computer. But all of you have been supportive and affirming and just plain fucking awesome.
Things have not worked out according to plan this past year. We went from hopeful that we could pursue treatment after saving up to being completely poor ass broke. It's humbling and awful and embarrassing. Without you, I honestly think I might have crumbled. Ok, crumbled more than I did. And not been able to pick up the pieces.
I love you.


  1. AWWWWWW kitties and socks! You did the right thing not taking her to the humane society. They are so over run with foreclosed animals that they are putting them down in a hurry. You can keep them outside if it's not too cold but spend some time with them each day to accustom them to humans. Try to find a no kill org and see if they can take them in. I used to work for one and they are awesome.

  2. check out and out in your zip code to find local animal orgs. there are lots of little operations who may have fostering or a connection to no kill shelters or vet offices who'll board strays

  3. Aww your new kittens are very cute! I seriously FAILED the sock exchange! I sent me sock buddy ONE pair of socks and a cute note from the WEBSITE I bought them from. The socks I got are so cute and came with CHOCOLATE and a cute card. I didn't realize people were going to go all sock crazy and extravagant *sigh*

  4. Awww wook at the sweet widdle kitties.

    Yay for socks, I've got mine and need to blog as such.

    BTW I've always thought you were way cool.

  5. Oh they are soooo cute, I love baby kittens, and the mama sounds really nice too. You can find a no kill organization, or maybe you can adopt them out. Good luck and keep us posted!

    I'm sorry this year didn't work out for you the way you had hoped, but I'm glad you wrote about it and let us into your world. I feel privileged to know you Io!!!

  6. But those kittens are just too adorable! You have been so sweet to them, what else would the poor homeless mama do? In Morocco there are hundreds of strays and new kittens seem to pop up from everywhere. My husband is worried that our house is turning into a zoo at the rate I keep taking new ones in! However i have found that putting flyers up at schools with adorable photos, works a treat when trying to get kittens/puppies adopted. Nothing like kiddie pressure on parents: Mummy please!!

    Oh and i heard that cats ovulate when they have sex so it's almost guaranteed that they get pregnant. But before you get too jealous the male cat has spikes on his penis...Ow!

    Good luck with finding them all a loving home!

  7. Hurrah! Glad you love them... I really had trouble deciding which ones to get.

  8. How ironic that this should happen to you! I was just thinking last night about how I was in an almost identical situation (with the cats) not too long ago. The mom was the SWEETEST cat I have ever met in my life, but my dog hated her and wanted to eat her and her babies! We ended up taking them to a special rescue that took both mama and babies. I hope you find the same kind of situation. I still miss that kitty :(

    Also, I had a cat named Tiger. He was a boy and ran away.

  9. Love the socks and the kittens!

  10. Try to find a no kill group for the older cat, but the kittens will do fine at the humane society. They'll get snatched up immmediately. Good luck and God bless....

  11. When I was in college I was dating a guy who lived on Llyon in Clifton. I noticed some tiny, tiny kittens hanging out around his house during the winter time. No mother to be seen, ever. I put out a huge bowl of cat food out for them and they scarfed it all down in a mater of minutes. Same thing next day. And next. Finally I figured out they were taking residence in the cellar of the building next door. So I broke in and caught them all. Took them home. Their first few poops were full of GARBAGE - like cellophane and plastic bits of who-knows-what. I put an add in the newspaper advertising FREE kittens. (The Enquirer does this for free.) They were gone in a matter of days.

    Good luck to you!

  12. Also, Clare is right about female cats O'ing when they mate, and that males have a barbed penis. Soo.... you should get her spayed as soon as she's done nursing. I think the SPCA will do it for like 10 bucks; there's one right down on Spring Grove in Northside.

    Also, also, my brother had a cat named Tiger. And my in-laws had one named Tiger too. I sooo don't get it. But then I named my cat Cujo so I wouldn't.

  13. I have "fostered" more stray mama cats then I can count and the last litter I took to Wal-Mart when they were ready. I sat in the parking lot for about 15 minutes and found homes for all. I then took the mom to my grandparents that have a ton of land and she lives there happily. I can't turn down a hungry animal or itty bitty kitty feet :)

  14. Aww. Io. I'm glad you decided to start a blog.

    Cute socks! I am a lover of cool socks, too.

    As for the widdle kitties, I would try to socialize them as best you can, and then try to adopt them out yourself. Post signs at pet stores (esp. at stores that host adoption events, because even though some animal rescue orgs are great, many have very stringent income and housing requirements before they will adopt out a dog or cat (like living in a four-plex with fenced yard disqualified me several years ago because the org I was going through in Austin wouldn't let people who lived in "multi-family units" or people who rent rather than own homes adopt their animals, so we found a puppy through a sign in a pet store instead). Do what you can to adopt them out yourself, because first, you take the burden off of your local animal rescue, and second, you know that in the mean time, they are having a much better life than animals that are stuck waiting to be adopted from a rescue org. Even at the most humane of places, space is limited, and most cats don't dig being trapped in a small space all day (they might willfully hide in a box or some such, but I can't imagine a kitty being stuck in what essentially amounts to an aquarium-like space being stared at all day by potential adopters).

    If I lived closer (and if H wasn't totally allergic) I would so take one. I need a pet. I miss having kitties.

  15. We wuv you too!

    On the itty bitty kittie front, perhaps you should wait a few weeks until they can be apart from no-longer-Mr. Tiger, and then call around and see if there's a no-kill shelter with room. If not, I'm happy to ask around down here, to see if there is space for them somewhere...

    There are also free spay/neuter services sometimes, and they might be able/willing to give you some free vet care.

  16. The kittens are so sweet! Instant smile on my face :). You can try putting them on craigslist or Petcycle (Yahoo group like Freecycle, but for pets).

  17. I literally laughed out loud when you said the po po. I haven't heard cops called that in forever. Everyone "down here" calls them the pigs- which I never got why.

  18. Dude, when I started my blog, I was all scared YOU wouldn't talk to ME! I'm so glad we both got over ourselves and found each other and this whole amazing community.

    And even though I am pretty much strictly a dog person, I make exceptions for kittens and I am so jealous. They look so incredibly cute! I hope you find homes for them easily and as quickly as possible.

  19. I'm a relatively new reader and nowhere near a prolific enough writer to commit to a blog. But I abosutely adore reading your blog, and some of the others that you have linked or mentioned here and there.

    My hubby and I are infertile and too broke to do anything about it as well. It hurts like hell, but it helps to know that we're not alone. So thank you for taking the leap & starting your blog.

  20. Io, I love you for taking care of the kitties. It's not stupid at all-it's a lovely example of your tender heart. I'm a mom of three rescue cats and I salute you.

    Your socks? Are awesome. :)

  21. You rule. Those kittens were precisely what I needed to see today. Thanks, Io.

    I have no advice for you, as I'd bring them in and let them sleep in my bed. I'm a total softie.

  22. Those little kitties are adorable! Best of luck with figuring out what to do with them.

    I really hope that you and A have a better year ahead. We're always hear to listen and offer supporting words when you need it... and socks too! ::big hugs::

  23. so.cute. can't. stand. it.

    I don't know what you should do- I know here they are not that 'humane' especially with cats. And my MIL volunteers at a shelter & says the late term cabortions are horrible. They don't do them unless absolutely medically necessary- so I think it's good you didn't. I would put an ad on craigslist or flyers up or something to try to get them homes. They are too cute for someone not to love them to bits!

    (& I love ya sister & am really glad you started a blog!)

  24. OMG, cute kitten overload. They are so freaking cute. I want a kitten, but neither my husband nor my cat would go for it, so I am badly outnumbered.

    I agree with everyone else - find a no-kill shelter or organization and/or check with your vet. Also check with pet stores like Petco and Petsmart, they often have weekend days where they host adoptathons.

  25. Me want cute kittehs. And umm, no - not stupid to be jealous of the cat. My dog (who you can see in the video on my blog) was a present that I bought myself as a consolation prize when my 17 year old sister got knocked up after Frank and I had been trying for practically two years. That damned dog got pregnant before I did and I hated her for the next few months. But I'm crazy like that. Glad we have this community that we can share the crazies with!

  26. Very very cute! The humane society only takes abandoned PETS. If you let on she was a stray, they won't take her. You ahve to have a reason you're giving her up and all that. ALSO.. many no kill shelters are "no kill" because they may not do the killing themselves, but they will certainly turn them over to the city pound if they get too full and the pound will do the killing.

  27. P.S. We love you too. :) You're part of that fucking awesome ya know.

  28. Kittens. WAY. too. cute. I would have done the same thing as you. I hope you find homes for them soon... but can't you keep one? :)