Friday, June 26, 2009


Trying to see if this mobile blog thing will work.
One good thing did happen yesterday - we got our new mattress delivered. For months we had been saying that the first thing we would buy when we had money would be a new mattress. Our old one was four years old and was quite nice for the first year or so.
(This came right after the horrible terrible awful disgusting bed bug period of our lives. I now carefully check my bed everywhere I go.)
So this new bed is a memory foam and I think it will take some getting used to but my back already feels better. It's firm and you can't really shift in bed which I tend to do.
Ok. This is enough inane babbling to make one mobile post.
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  1. heh. Yes, your mobile post worked!

    My friend has one of those memory foam thingers and she usually lets us sleep there when we visit. Once I'm asleep, I like it, 'cos I stay asleep.
    But until I fall asleep, it feels creepy because you sink in and when you're used to feeling some movement, to feel like all movement is just deadened is weeeeeeird. Like your arms and legs are asleep or something. Or not really, but sort of.

    Don't listen to me. I'm a total druggie right now and have no idea what I'm talking about. But yeah. Reading this made me miss our mattress at home.

  2. Man, I am living in the same realm as you. Currently looking up bed bug notices in Spanish to help my residents learn that you should not take furniture off the street.

  3. Look at you, Miss Mobile Blogger!

    You'll have to tell me how the memory foam goes in the long run. We have a regular foam mattress and I do like the fact that it doesn't transfer motion the way regular mattresses do, and I've always been curious about how it feels to sleep on the memory foam. Kate's drugged description is awesome, though - kind of how I imagine it.

  4. Glad you're back.

    Funny how even the mention of bed bugs makes me feel like things are crawling on my skin. Maybe I'll go home and wash my sheets. Again.

  5. So, you typed all of that from your phone? Mine would have been a mess. Even with that thing my phone does with guessing the words!

    We need a new mattress and probably a new bed since I think the dogs (or rather the 90 pound one) has wrecked our bed from jumping on it and falling inbetween the end of the matress and the footboard. Our matress is seriously 15 years old (gosh, that's kind of embarassing!).

  6. heh. at first read I totally thought you said you were going to shit the bed.

    PLEASE do the wine test though!! I'm dying to know if that is real.

  7. i so need a smartphone!

    let us know how your first sleep goes on the new bed!

  8. Love your new blog layout. Fantastic! Hope the new mattress brings you many happy years and wonderful dreams!

  9. Love that header, Io! Very you, methinks. :)

  10. It WORKED!

    -I am so sorry to hear about your friend.

  11. LOVE the new header. That probably tells how long it's been since I've been here. *blushes in shame*

    We just got a new mattress in February. It's a memory foam mattress, and I actually HATE it. I swear that the one we tried out in the store was a whole lot firmer than the one we have in our bedroom.