Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The exciting life of Io

Not much happening 'round these here parts. I've been busy, it's just not terribly exciting. I'm coaching college spee.ch this year, which I really enjoy, but it takes a lot of time. Friday night I helped run a fundraiser at the Hall which would have been more fun if I could drink (they had good beer too!) but I knew I needed to get up early. I took the kids to a tournament on Saturday. I left my house at 4:30am and got home at 11:30pm and it's just an exhausting activity. It sounds pathetic to say that since it's not like I was running, but it takes lot of mental effort to judge and comment on speeches all day and try and actually give them something constructive to work on.

Sunday was spent with a tournament hangover, Monday after work I attended the team meeting and then had a coaches meeting, and tonight I coached for a couple hours before coming home. So yeah. I have absolutely nothing exciting to write about unless you are just dying to hear about me working on rewriting internal previews or something. (No, you aren't. Trust me.)
More coaching tomorrow night.
Um. That's it. I'll try and have something exciting happen on Thursday so I can blog about it!


  1. I think that tournament thing, and the fact that you're teaching speech IS exciting! And that you have the stamina to do a field trip from 4:30 - 11:30, is amazing, even with the case of tournament hangover!

  2. I think mental stamina is harder than physical sometimes! Thank you in advance for organizing your life to make better blog-o-tainment for us... ;o)

  3. Ditto on the stamina comments. I read everything you are doing and suddenly feel like I need a nap. Oh, and you cracked me up with your comment about having friends in the computer. That's a hysterical way of looking at it...and true.

  4. I will always find you exciting. I just can't help myself.
    In fact I think you should tone things down a notch.

    also- my word verification is, I shit you not, "blacula".

  5. Coaching speech sounds cool to me!

    Sometimes, having a not so exciting life is a good thing. Drama is totally overrated!

  6. Dude, why don't you live closer to me? I would totally come over and organize. :)

  7. Um whatever you write about you bring excitement to, how could you not? But i am secretly hoping for a hot Thursday post myself. xoxoxoxo

  8. Well that happens sometime...you spend a lot of time, doing a lot of stuff that takes a lot of time, but does not seem blogworthy. Happens to me too.

    You could dance with firecrackers in your hands?

  9. Geesh busy! I'm tired now.

    You need to live closer. I'd share the pumpkin ice cream and cornucopias!

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