Thursday, October 22, 2009


I tried to think of something exciting to do, but I couldn't quite bring myself to try the suggested juggling of fireworks. Though we did have a big kaboom in town today when a tanker exploded on a busy section of highway.

Last night I stayed up until midnight working on a speech and really got into it - I think I did a halfway decent job of fixing it up and I had a lot of ideas for where the student can go with it. It's hard - it's supposed to be a type of speech that is very funny, but this kid is very religious so I can't make my completely off color jokes. I have to keep it clean. I struggled with that a LOT.

Today I went to work and then met my fellow coaches for a drink. We ate some garlic fries. Then at home I had some garlic bread that A made. I am going to smell like a garlic factory for a few days. I am one of those people that has garlic and it just ooooozes out of my pores. But I love it so.

Since being tired and smelling like I rub a clove of garlic over my body after showering aren't very exciting, I am going to tell you about things I like.

Things I Like

A few months or years or decades ago, Calliope mentioned something about wanting to do reviews. And then like a gazillion years after that I thought "yeah, that would be fun because I want to tell the world about my bed!" And now, a lifetime after that, I have decided to tell you about things I like.
Why? No reason. How did I pick these things? Um. I bought them all fairly recently and liked them and thought you might like them too? Why should you care? I dunno. Why am I asking questions that you would probably not ask but pretending to be you while I ask them?
Because it's my blog bitches. Shut up.
Wait. I asked that.

1. Sarah Peyton Mattress. (Who the F is Sarah Peyton? Why doe she make mattresses? I do not know. I do not care enough to google it.) I bought a new mattress as soon as A got a job. We bought a big nice cushiony mattress a few years ago and I made A get a pillow top because I love sleeping inside a marshmallow. The only problem is that eventually the marshmallow became molded to his shape and was killing his back. When he was unemployed and we were daydreaming about being able to buy something other than food and COBRA, the first big purchase he always brought up was a new mattress. So after he got a job I ordered the cheapest memory foam mattress I could find. I hate firm, but I thought for him, I would tough it out.
I fucking love this thing. I sleep so well. Other than a couple days of faint chemically smells it has been a dream. And it was less than half the price of our old mattress once you added in the 20% off coupon I found online. I am totally a believer in this foam thing now.
It probably causes cancer and I just don't care. I will make up for it with my other happy healthy things I like. I give it an A-

2. Sweet potatoes. They are delicious, healthy and easy to make. I give them an A+

3. Kashi frozen meals. For all that I have a gourmet chef husband, I often grab a frozen meal to take to work. I bought some of these when the ghetto Kroger had them on manager's special and they were delicious (although one of guys who lobbies for the P0lice walked in and made comments about the extreme garlic smell after I ate one. Like I said.) Anywho. They were on sale for $3 last week adn i had a coupon for $1 off, so it was still a shockingly high $2, but I got a Mayan Harvest Bake. It was just fantastic. (And vegan!) And unlike any other frozen meal you can get. I like Kashi cereal, but Kashi frozen meals? Off the chain my friends, off the chain. I give them an A.

4. Instead cup. I remember in high school having a friend come up and tell me that her Aunt Flo was coming to visit. She was looking at me really intently and asked me if I had anything. It was like somebody had just told me they owned a cat and then asked if I ate breakfast. I had never heard anyone use a euphamism for menstruation and it took several embarrasing moments before she whispered "A PAD! Do you have a PAD?!" I didn't but I had a tampon, which she declined. Somehow she had been transported from a time when tampons were strange and newfangled and a woman should think twice before putting something up her vag*na. I felt like her when I finally tried the instead cup. I am only vaguely crunchy granola when it suits me, so wearing a cup instead of a tampon or pad seemed very foreign. But being all down with being cheap won me over when I saw it on the clearance table. Hot damn I love it. No matter how thin a pad is, is usually feels awkward and I worry that it has bunched to one side and I am bleeding all over yet another pair of underwear. And my period does this thing where it comes super heavy for a day or two, then stops for a day, then gets medium for another day or two. So inevitably, I end up putting in a tampon on the 2nd or 3rd day only to realize six hours later that I have to pull dry cotton out. Or I pee and then the string is all doing its absorbant thing so I have to take it out and put in a new tampon. But the cup thing? I stuck it in and it was (except for cramps and my desire to kill) just like I was not having my period at all. And I coudl leave it in all day. It is a bit messy to take out, but what isn't? There is also the diva cup which is reusable, so I may switch and get one of those when I run out of these. Am I totally behind the times? I have friends that use this and now I feel like they must have viewed me like I viewed my friend in high school. Hello Me! Welcome to the 21st century. I give it an A-

Okay, fill me in. What am I missing out on in life? (Besides the whole kid thing. I know about that one.)


  1. I've been using the Diva Cup for 2 years and could not live without it. I even bought one for my SIL for her birthday and she raves about it. Weird bday present I know, but after I told her about it she seemed interested.

    Tampons make my cramps 10x worse and pads give me a damn rash, I think I am allergic to something in them. Never had a problem with my Diva Cup.

    I'll have to check out that mattress. Hubs and I want to get a King that won't break the bank.

  2. What is your favourite dessert? And scent?

    Okay...I have been reading about the Instead Cup but have never seen, felt, touched, sniffed one IRL. I have used Pads most of my menstrual bliss life. And tampons are a very very recent entry into my options (reason being they are not readily available out here).

  3. I clicked on the link to kaboom and I thought the picture caption said "Idiot trucker diverts traffic" LOL!!! I am so behind the times- I haven't even heard of a diva cup or instead cup...but they sound AWESOME! I can't use tampons b/c it causes cervicitis(sp?), so that leaves pads. BLAH!!! I feel so dirty and stinky- this is going to be a great option to try!

    Did you see that I switched blogs? This babymakingjourney. :)

  4. ooh I love sweet potatoes too. in any form -- mashed, fried, baked, pureed. mmm.

    I've been wondering about that cup, so thanks for the review.

  5. "I have to keep it clean. I struggled with that a LOT." This made me laugh. :D

    Memory foam - I think it might work for us too..

    Kashi meals - Some I love, some not so much. The Mayan Harvest Bake? Mmmmmmmm.

    Dry cotton? Oooooooooh ouch... one of the reasons I have issues with tampons too. And like GBM, they also make my cramps worse and I'm very tender in that area during heavy AF, so it hurts to even put it in. Crazy eh?

  6. So with you on the memory foam mattress. We love ours, and ours is a knock-off too.

    Also love sweet potatoes. Very yummy!

    Never heard of Diva cups. The only thing I have heard about cups was when I was in nursing school. Apparently there are some ignorant people who will use them like a diaphragm. Go figure. May look into those cups, though. Not sure if I am brave enough to actually use them, but we will see.

  7. Sweet, a cup? How the hell does it stay in and it doesn't leak at all? It doesn't fall out? Me, not ready for 21st century i guess.

    I slept on my friends memory foam mattress before, h.e.a.v.e.n. Not sure of brand but sure it was top of the in Cairo we just have a regular matress, not too firm, or soft, not pillow top but awesome, we love it.

    I've had Kashi cereal back home, now they make frozen stuff cool. I may be going home in December so I will check them out.

    Sweet potatos yummy. They BBQ em here in winter and street vendors go around selling to people. Their contraption on wheels looks like its from the 1800's but I guess it works, and people buy them all the time. Them smell so good,m but i cannot bring myself to buy one. Have they been washed? I will try to snap a picture so everyone can see.

  8. Never tried the instead cup or diva cup. Not sure I am brave enough. I love fries made from sweet potatoes but I guess that makes them less healthy huh?

  9. I use instead cups too. I originally got them because I heard they could help with TTC - keep the little swimmers nice and close to where they should be heading - but they're great for their intended use as well. Or instead, in my case, since DH doesn't really have any little swimmers to speak of, so there's not much benefit in keeping his juice anywhere in particular.

  10. Love love LOVE my Diva cup. I've been using one for about 3 years. Seems to cut down on cramps quite a bit and doesn't turn my veej into the Sahara like a tampon does. I introduced my ex to it, and she introduced her new gf to it. I've been trying to figure out who I will give the gift of a diva to as a stocking stuffer this Christmas.

    Do not buy it at Whole Foods. Buy it online. You'll find it for half the price. But anywhere you buy it, it's well worth the money.

    Other things I love: my french press, my electric lawnmower, stainless steel cookware, Penzey's spices, and fried tofu.

  11. The sweet potatoes carried at my grocery store (Super Target, so you can stalk me. PLEASE stalk me) are called "Lil BIGGUNS" which is awesome to say. Seriously AWESOME to say.

  12. mmmmh- sweet potatoes! I love my memory foam mattress!!!

    I am very curious about the cups- I may have to try em if I ever find em on sale.
    I love my ihome alarm clock, mesh feeders, & pumpkin spice lattes.

    word verification is juggism- I like that too!

  13. You reminded me of my speech class. One of the speeches was supposed to use humor in some form and I had a perfect speech, yet I was worried on who I would follow. It's hard to follow someone really good.

    The guy's humor I followed? It was a speech about the grading of diamonds and his joke was "and when I say carets, I don't mean the vegatables!"

    Oy vey.

    My speech was about the stereotyping of blondes and I opened with some VERY off color and sexual joked. I killed it.

  14. You are missing out on the most delicious chocolate in the world, made down the street from me:

    it will change your life.

    Glad to hear about the cup. I second Greek that tampons make my cramps worse and I don't get a rash from pads but gah, I hate them.

    Thanks for the assvice - we are looking in to embryo adoption now as an additional option.

  15. I may have to try that diva cup thing. I'd never heard of it. :)

  16. Wow! I just watched the video for that "Instead"! I've never heard of that before!! I wonder if it's available in Canada?? I'll have to see if I can find it anywhere. I'm definitely going to recommend it to my friends!

  17. Io, I love you for many, many reasons, but this post has just increased my already prodigious love for you. You are awesome and I thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us.

  18. "Since being tired and smelling like I rub a clove of garlic over my body after showering aren't very exciting, I am going to tell you about things I like." Um...I have to imagine that there are kinky people out there who would find it very exciting to hear about rubbing garlic on your body.

    Really? Sweet potatoes? That is so damn healthy.

  19. a) Love, love, LOVE garlic. I even like it when the smell lingers on my hands for a day or two after I have cooked with it. Mmmm.

    b) I'm going to have to try those Kashi frozen meals - I love their cereals.

    c) Diva Cup. Mmmm. I'm still on the fence. I've tried them - some things I love about them (can't feel them at ALL), and some things I hate (I've had them leak...and forget taking one out in's totally a shower event...yuck).

    Let us know if you try the reusable one...I'm curious.

  20. I love reading what other people are loving.

    Lately I have been drinking San Pellegrino with lemon. Not very exciting, but delish.

  21. I have some instead cups, too, but I use them to hold the...ahem...swimmers in if I can't lay with my butt up in the air for 20 minutes afterward. I've never attempted to use them for AF (for which I use tampons with a pad as an overflow, which rarely happens), but I'm glad you like them!

  22. I, too, am a garlic-oozer. I just do.

    Sweet potatoes are good. Just last night, I had dinner with some friends, one of whom is from Chile and is hosting her brother and his family while they work on their English skills, and my friend wanted to know how to make sweet potatoes, that she liked Thanksgiving-style sweet potatoes, because her niece and nephew had never eaten them before. I tried to convince her to roast them or bake them, but she really wanted a recipe for super-sweet sweet potatoes. Oh, well.

    And I used the instead cups forever, but after two separate and very embarrassing and very messy spills when I had a sudden unexpectedly heavy flow moment, I quit. I also had read that women who have endometriosis should use tampons because they wick away the menstrual blood (something about endometrial cells contained in menstrual blood being able to "pool" in the uterus when you use pads and then spill into the abdomen, and potentially attach and grow, etc., or some shit like that), and thus, logically, even though I didn't and still don't have endometriosis, if I want to prevent endometriosis, I should probably not keep my menstrual blood pooled up against my cervix. So that was reason #2 for quitting them.

    See, *this* is what happens when you read too many info-tainment style studies and books AND then believe almost everything you read... you end up being convinced that your menstrual care products might KILL you (or at least cause you pain...). Yeah. I'm clever, I know.

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