Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm slightly concerned: After coaching speech interp events tonight I am thinking I have given the kids pieces that are all about IF. There is the infertility duo, the adoption poetry, and now there is a prose about a woman whose husband had his sperm aspirated because he has CBAVD. It's all totally a coincidence, but I feel like people will wonder how our whole team ended up doing pieces about infertility.

Of course, there was also a poetry program about drinking too much, which I certainly did this weekend. (Totally worth it.)

Several girlfriends and I rented a house on Lake Michigan last weekend. I left work early on Friday and was all stressed out because I was running late. One of my friends saw me and looked terribly concerned and asked me what was wrong. I realized I was stressing out about leaving half an hour late for vacation.

Yeah. So I calmed the fuck down.

I drove up with one other friend (one was supposed to come with us, but had the flu, three were coming later, and one lives in Michigan) and after we finally got on the road with our freedom and massive sugary caffeine-filled drinks, we were both loopy with joy. So loopy that half an hour in, we decided to get tattoos. In the next town we passed.

These fancy iphones and blackberries have their evil side - I was able to google tattoo parlors, find one that had a website and looked decent, and get directions there. We decided that so long as it didn't look scary, we'd be good and then M said "It would be awesome if they had some sort of 'buy one, get one!'"

The tattoo parlor did not look scary and wouldn't you know it - on the door there was a sign that for a limited time you could buy one, get one.

Once we got there (about the time the late group was supposed to arrive - whoops! We were supposed to get dinner ready) it was fairly late and we couldn't find the key for a while, but eventually we got into the house that I will buy when I win the lottery. It was nothing terribly fancy, but it was fantastic.

And being there with these amazing women was unbelievable. We drank wine and ate and curled up in front of the fireplace to watch movies and sat in the hot tub and ate and walked on the freezing cold beach and drank wine and ate and went to the little town to try on ridiculous hats and buy overpriced pottery. And ate. (We were all in charge of one meal, but each person somehow brought enough to feed a family for a month. And oh, the ginger almond muffins and chicken salad sandwiches and baked sweet potatoes...)

I just can't express what a wonderful weekend it was. The women I was with are all so amazing and strong and funny in totally offbeat ways. It's nice to feel like you can be yourself completely in a group setting without thinking somebody is giving you the hairy eyeball.
We are planning to do this trip every year (and M and I think everyone else should get tattoos, one a year and there can be a bye year next year because there were two this year. Nobody else seemed to jump on the idea though.)

I was thinking there might be another great group of women to do a stress-free weekend with...Wishing4one, are there any nice rental places in Egypt?!


  1. That sounds like a totally awesome weekend. Yay for tattoos, show some pics :-)

  2. I'm so glad you had such a great time! Sounds and looks like a ton of fun. Will you show us a picture of your tattoo?

  3. That's the kind of weekend I'm in dire need've left out a critical detail, though. What ARE the tattoos???

  4. That sounds wonderful! And I love that you stopped to get tatoos. That's awesome!

  5. What kind of tattoos do you get in a buy one get one free deal, anyway? The tattoo artist's name or something? That's too funny.

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend - I hope you enjoy many more like it.

  6. Um yeah. But i got big digs and you could totally party here at my crib. But you must BYO dranks cause the wishy is dry girl! And tatoos, not thinking there are any tatoo joints in Cairo, but you can get henna tats, that are totally cool too. Let me know when and I will hook it all up. How cool would THAT be? LOLLLLLLLLLLL

  7. That sounds like a super duper weekend away. I'd like to also inquire how you could say you'd gotten a tattoo and then not show pics? You are such a tease.

  8. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I might steal your idea with my girlfriends. I will echo what everyone else said "Tattoo pics please!!"

  9. I love that your pit stop was to get tattoos! Awesome looking weekend!

    The hub also was very stressed on the way to the cabin sunday... I thought it was a case of freaking out being late to vaca- but turned out it was the tooth. I'm glad yours was a standard need to turn off the hustle!

  10. Oh, that looks like bliss. Awesome cabin.

    And look at you! Rockstar! With your fancy tattoo! All cool and shit!

    As of late, eating has become a major preoccupation of mine- I'm either starving or nauseated or pissed off because I just ate too much and now my stomach hurts. All the time. Food is beginning to take over my life even more than it does usually. But whatev. It's temporary, I guess.

  11. I'm completely jealous that you have such a close-knit, geographically near group of friends that you can get together with like that. It sounds like it was a blast!

  12. Ahhh, see what happens when I keep reading? =)

    Love the tattoo. Glad you had a good trip.

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