Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is too cool

I will write more when I am not typing on my blackberry's teeny keyboard, but since everyone else at BlogHer is twittery bloggery right now I was feeling left out.
Last night I got to meet Emily from Apron Strings for Emily and Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka. They are both incredibly awesome. Like really really awesome. I will write more about them when I get home and post pictures and what not. Sadly Becky decided to leave BlogHer early and not attend today. HAPPY time though, I have been elected president of her fan club (I was the only voter by the by) and am acting as her rep today. I've been handing out her cards.
I also got to meet Mel. As in THE Mel from Stirrup Queens. Emily and I went and got dinner/dessert with her and we had a good time talking.
I'm sitting with Mel now in a boringish sessionwhere people are asking different random questions. The chick next to me just asked for my twitter handle and was SHOCKED that I don't have one.
My thumbs are getting tired. More later.
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Monday, July 20, 2009


I hesitate to use the word "busy" to describe this last week, because it seems to imply work or actual structured events or something. It was just a series of pop-up things that kept me from sitting down to write: My old college roommate moved to town so I took her around one evening to show her where to drink, I had dinner and walked with a friend one evening, the film fest opened and even though I don't work for them anymore, I felt obligated to go to the opening night party to schmooze.
On Saturday, my dad called me while I was at a garage sale with my mom and said that we needed to come pick him up. He'd gone to Cincinnati for a conference and threw himself down some steps on his way in, breaking his elbow, busting his left knee, and bloodying his entire face. Somehow we got him back to Indy, but the day was pretty much a bust. He'll be okay but he can't walk and his right arm is useless. Sunday was spent running errands for my mom.
He tried to get out of bed somehow this evening and ended up falling on the floor. My mom had to call the EMTs to get him back into his wheelchair. She's really upset, because she recognizes that she can't take care of him if this is going to happen.
We'll call tomorrow to see if we can get him in a rehabilitation center or something where there will be professionals to help him as he recovers.
I know he'll get better, but it's a reminder that he is getting old and my mom is going to have trouble taking care of him by herself, even with me nearby to help out.
I'm heading up to Chicago at the end of the week to meet up with the bloggers at BlogHer and hopefully anyone in the Chicago area that wants to find out for themselves that I am not really a thirteen year old boy who just writes an IF blog for shits and giggles.
I'll try and catch up on commenting and emails before then.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to stop a conversation

Of course, you already know don't you? Crack a joke about your infertility!
I had my writing group tonight, which was nice as we hadn't met for a while. We generally eat and talk before we write (er, that is *when* we write). Our lovely host has two kids and desperately wants the rest of us to become parents. Somehow she started in on D to get a move on having kids with his wife. He said that they were probably going to stop preventing soon and she said oh it was so much fun, though of course when she and her husband did it they got pregnant the first month both times. So he could only look forward to a few weeks of babymaking sex before they got pregnant.
Naturally I jumped in with "or a few years!" (they all know about our IF).
Strangely, the conversation switched to something else after that. Gee. I hope it wasn't something I said...
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What? Tuesday already?

I can't believe the weekend is already over. What the hey?
I worked on Friday, then went out with my friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Indeed, that asshole she was convinced was *the one* dumped her. I think in a way she was more upset about that than about the cancer. However, when I (and all the other ladies we were out with) offered to go staple his balls to the back of a portapotty she said that he wasn't worth beating the crap out of.
But if this guy ends up in a river somewhere I won't cry.
And I will make sure I have an alibi ahead of time.

Saturday I was feeling like crappola with a cold and spent most of the day in bed. (And then on the couch watching Battle* Galactic@ - we are over halfway through the third season and we are horribly addicted.)

Sunday we went to Cincinatti for the day to visit a family friend with my parents. A and my dad went to a Red's game, where they watched their beloved St Louis Cards beat the crap out of Cinci. My mom, her friend and I went to Ikea and this awesome grocery store where we bought massive amounts of food for dinner. After we ate, we walked down to Graeters, the most delicious ice cream store ever. Sadly, I didn't have dry ice to pack it in and bring it home. I would fill my freezer with this stuff.
We didn't get home until almost midnight and then I went and got Charlie from his best friends house.
Last night was another late night. I went with some of the Local guys up to beautiful Munc*e to attend a council meeting. Their spiteful mayor has laid off a fourth of the f*refighters up there. I won't go into details, but aside from all the ridiculous political crap, it's just not safe. They are severly understaffed.
Charlie came with so we sat outside, which was fine since the meeting room was full and the A/C hadn't been turned on. Afterwards, a bunch of us went out to dinner and Charlie did a great job of hanging out next to us. Of course, these guys can talk and drink beer forever, so we didn't get home until midnight again.

I suppose none of this is terribly interesting, as I have actually bored myself. But now you know what I've been up to.
I didn't want you to get any ideas.

Oh! And speaking of travel. I am going up to Chicago during BlogHer (July 24 & 25)
Who's meeting me for dinner/drinks/girly things/bizarre happenings?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Just went to the bookstore to buy Mel's book *Navigating the Land of IF* (squeeeeee!). I flipped it open when I picked it up and the page I landed on had a chart for a couple with azoospermia. It looked at the options of IVF w/ ICSI, donor sperm and adoption.
I smiled (how freaking cool is this book going to be?) closed it and bounded up to the checkout.
So. Standing in line...
Both the woman in front of me and the woman behind me had an adorable daughter. Both girls were adopted.
I stood there clutching my fabulous infertility book wondering if the universe was trying to tell me something.
Do you ever question the path you have chosen?
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