Monday, June 4, 2012

AMH does not mean anti-malaria

I was sort of hoping (aka: ignoring any possibility to the contrary) that since A's infertility was such a big freaking diagnosis (no sperm) that I would magically be some sort of superstar egg maker. I mean, we started trying when I was pretty young, right? I have a totally clockwork cycle and all that jazz.
So while waiting to finally start treatments has sucked, I was kind of thinking - eh, at least I am still reasonably young so I should most likely have a bunch of kick ass eggs dancing around being all like "Hey! Come make me into an embryo with that ICSI micropipette you sexy lab beast!"

I started my bcp. Got my tentative schedule. I had my labwork done a week ago on CD 4 and they called with the most of  the results last Friday.

My estradiol was 41 (hoorah), my FSH was 6.8 (baller), my CF test was negative (doctor has concerns that A has a CF based genetic mutation, so whew!).

And then this morning they called (left a message about something-something-low malaria-something-garble-garble, so I had to call back and ask them why they were testing for malaria) and said the last test was...not great. And not about malaria but eggs.

My AMH is .81, which, according to The Internet, is either:
A) Low but not the worst ever or
B) My eggs are as rotten as Hamlet's Denmark

The nurse said that the doctor wanted to talk to me about adjusting my meds. I will do that later today.

So...anybody have any AMH stories?

Update: So, the doctor doesn't seem that concerned about my AMH, just thinks I'll be doing more drugs. I am not totally convinced, but feel slightly better than I did driving home this afternoon alternating between laughing hysterically and sobbing until I suddenly had to pull over and throw up my lunch. My stork apparently got a double tap to the head. Ridiculous.


  1. First, let me belatedly say that I was excited to read some new posts from you after your long absence.

    I have some AMH stories, but they probably aren't ones you'd like to hear. . . . they are all from women who ended up using donor eggs for IVF because they failed to conceive using their own eggs. (Which, in my book, as a DE mom myself, is not the end of the world, but I don't think most people happily give up their own genetic tie to their child[ren].)

    Hope your conversation with your doctor goes well.

  2. I had a doctor who just told me that everything was fine or that he was going to adjust my meds. Sorry, not helpful. :(

    Hope you're in the A category...

  3. Kate (Bee In The Bonnet)June 4, 2012 at 3:25 PM

    Ah, a wrench in the works... the only thing I remember about AMH is that they told me that per my test, I probably did not have classic PCOS because my levels weren't high enough. As far as I understand, this just means that they'll be adjusting your meds-- different meds result in different responses (duh), as in they can stim you fast and high, to get eggs to grow quickly (which they might do, I think, if they are worried about not having as many potential follicles to work with) or they might go low and slow, which will result in getting better "ripe" eggs from a person with lots of follicles (like classic PCOS-ers).

    I had some issues with my prolactin levels. Of course, the main issue was that (in my opinion) they made an error with the bloodwork on one of my runs of labwork. Normal levels at one point, abnormal levels a second time, and normal levels a third time. They had me all freaked out and worked up, and after reviewing my first lab work, I realized that they had misread the numbers, which is why they asked for the second test, which resulted in the third test. All just a bunch of baloney that could have been avoided if they'd read the first test correctly.

    I realize it's not likely, but just for the heck of it, if your insurance covers it, or if the test isn't too expensive, you might ask them to rerun it, just to make sure there aren't any errors. It shouldn't matter when they run it, since AMH levels are supposed to be stable throughout your cycle (I think?). Anyhow

  4. Hurray! So nice to see you back. It's been a little lonely around these parts. (though, of course, I would rather you get 'magic-pregnant' and avoid all of this BS entirely).

    This AMH deal was one of those things they seem to have invented while we were away from IVF for 4 years. I don't quite understand it (I suppose my # must've been acceptable somehow), but I am happy to see some of your other commenters might be helpful on this!

    Wishing you all the best as things kick off...

  5. This is the first I've heard of AMH -- eek!

    I'm hoping that your appointment goes well!

  6. Well, shit. I was all ready to go "DAMMIT", but then I was like, "Oh, whew," and then it was, "Why the frack call you and freak you out like that with partial information."

    So I landed on "well, shit." Because it sounds good.

    And I'm glad you're back. And cycling.

    And I also realized that you're not in my reader. Don't know how the hell THAT happened.

    Situation resolved.

  7. I had not heard of that condition before...but seriously?? Cause you haven't had to deal with enough already?? Ugh, I'm so sorry you have to deal with's just not fair. :(

  8. Glad to see you posting again! My, it's been awhile!
    Will be following along on your IVF journey and rooting for you :).

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