Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fat fingers

Ack. My ring was getting tight because I have gained weight. Also,I am feeling puffy in general, so I tried to get my ring off and had to use Windex.
A suggested I just get a chain for my ring but I think I am going to get it resized.


  1. You're not alone - I gave up wearing my rings about 6 months ago, because they squeezed my fingers every night. I can't get my wedding ring resized, and I don't really feel like getting my engagement ring resized, so I just don't wear anything. I'm sure it gives those bitchy women I work with (who hate my husband anyway [he used to work there too]) something to discuss at lunch time...

  2. Not to give A too much credit, but I agree you should just wear them on a chain. After all, when you get pregnant from this IVF cycle, your fingers are going to continue to swell. Might as well just wait until you're done with pregnancy to get them resized, in my opinion.

  3. Hey!

    I gave up on my rings a long time ago. I re-sized them. haha! Sigh...

    When I was a few months pregnant, I went ahead and completely stopped wearing them until about a month after I delivered.

    My HSG hurt but OMG it was NOTHING like labor! Crazy stuff on the internet!

    I had a giant polyp removed and it was really not a bad surgery/recovery. It was seriously blocking one of my tubes. They gave me pictures afterward, haha!

    I'm mentioning you in my blog tonight. Hope that's ok?