Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am trying to pretend it isn't Sunday. I really don't feel like going back to work tomorrow after this long lazy weekend. (I am also trying to pretend that A isn't on his way home from his Man Weekend, because that would mean I would need to get up and do the dishes I have been piling up in the sink.).................... A left Friday morning with our friend Geo for their yearly trek south to meet up with another friend amd play golf, drink scotch, and...well, that might be the extent of their manliness. My friend Michelle kindly picked me up at 6am to take me to the doctor for my polyp removal. .......................... I gotta say, anesthesia is a wonderful, beautiful thing. Not being awake was great and I felt less crampy afterwards than I did with the sonohysterogram. I was a little tired all day and some spotting, but otherwise all good..................... Saturday was a wedding shower, but otherwise I just laid on the couch. Which is what I am doing now instead of laundry or dishes or showering. I did however make a quick batch of blueberry jam, so we can pretend I was productive despite all other evidence to the contrary. ........................... I also took my last bcp this morning so now I wait for my period to start. I am rather hoping it starts quickly. The sooner it starts, the sooner *everything*


  1. A didn't do any dishes this weekend...why should you? :)

    I hope "everything" kicks off soon - waiting is so annoying.

  2. Dishes smishes. Life needs lazy weekends & so does your sanity in all this.
    I've been an awful awful blogger lately but I keep tabs on you with every post!
    I keep everything crossed for you & A...

  3. Glad the polypectomy went smoothly. You're really on your way now!

  4. Making jam sounds ambitious to me!

    Here's hoping the removal clears the way for everything else. :-)

  5. I always wish they could give me more of that anesthetic at transfer, and wake me up after the 2-week wait is over!

    Glad you are recovering nicely.