Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I need to type something or my head is going to hit the keyboard. Which would be okay, as my key board looks fairly comfortable right about now, but it is a pullout keyboard and I think my forehead would probably smash into the upper deck of my desk.
I am assuming it's the Lupron that is making me this tired. Either that or somebody slipped me a roofie. My boss and I were talking about something (what, I don't remember. my brain, it is fuzzy) and he stopped and looked at me after I said something stupid and remarked that I really needed a nap.
I occasionally get aural migraines that don't really hurt, they just make me feel discombobulated and everything looks a little trippy. That is kind of how I feel today. Incredibly tired and slightly tripped out.

But I have things to talk about! I do...if I can remember them...crap. WHY IS MY BRAIN SO TIRED?
(My mother has remarked before that while she loved the end results, being pregnant for her was like walking through Jello for nine months. This seems vaguely Jello-like, which makes me wonder if I get pregnant if this is why my brain on pregnancy will feel like. Like I am not already scatterbrained enough.)

Oh yes, things.
I had a moment of hesitation this morning before I did the needle and over-thought the dart throwing motion. I happen to be terrible at darts. So I somehow bounce-stabbed myself two times before I actually got the needle in. Doh.

I can't remember the rest, which is just as well. I am off to take a nap.


  1. I need a nap too. And I'm not taking any lupron...

  2. Oh yes, Lupron made me SUPER tired. Tired and crazy. Ugh.

  3. I bet it might actually feel kind of nice and massage-y, rolling your forehead around on the keys. Thanks for the idea!

    That jello description really is perfect. The fertility meds have always zapped my energy, but I will say that pregnancy (especially after being on fert meds forever beforehand!) was crazy-crazy-crazy exhausting. I have no idea how I went to work and existed that whole time. I would come home from work and nap, wake to cram food in my mouth, and then go back to sleep until morning. It was so weird.

    But not everyone experiences this! And it's like so worth it. (BTW, loved your thoughtful comment on my blog about 'cutting a bitch' -- you are such a rad lady!)

  4. OMG!!! She's ALIVE! I read your comment on my blog and thought... Io, Io... I know that "name"! Ha! Anyway, clicked over and am excited to see you are cycling! I'll be cheering you!

    I think Lupron made me tired too. I only did it once.

    Gonal-F in Pens is awesome! It's so much easier than doing the vial. Only bad thing is you may end up wasting some, and since it's like 5 gazillion dollars, that is not ideal.

    I was really straightforward with my boss about everything, which I'll admit was kind of awkward. But how else do you explain having to maybe miss work every morning for like a week and a half? He was very understanding.

    Totally cheering you on!