Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Still as white as my legs in the sunlight. Which is to say, blindingly white.


  1. Oh, man! Still holding on to hope for you. This shit is so fucking hard! (Sorry, but the language feels appropriate right now. Delete if you want.) xoxo

  2. Arggggh... how close are we to beta now? I f-ing hate those peesticks. Please do not let them hold all the power right now. You are a strong, sassy broad -- you will get through this. No matter which way this goes.

    By the way, my legs are doughboy-white too. I can't figure out how, no matter how much sun I get in the summer, they are still the same color as my stomach (which never, ever sees light). Weird.

    Anyway, hanging in there in the sidelines with you. Hoping for good news.

  3. I am not worried yet. I am not worried yet!

    These early BFPs are the stuff of unicorns and leprechauns.

    It is ENTIRELY possible that your child is just going to reveal itself at the absolute last moment because it is GIF-TED.

    Suffice it to say I am in my backyard, naked dancing and burning sticks on behalf of your uterus.

  4. I will hold onto hope for you.
    And strangle that bitch if she dares let you down.
    Hugs & love.

  5. Stupid Stork sent me your way...I don't know how I haven't found you before...Just wanted to send you some good vibes and let you know I'm hoping for good news for you!

  6. Stupid Stork alerted me of your wait...keep hanging onto those positive thoughts! I'm sending positive vibes your way! Hoping you get the BFP soon! And btw I LOVE your blog title! I just showed it to my husband and he actually LOL'd! We both did! :)

  7. Sending hopeful sticky thoughts your way!!!

  8. Hello new friend! Also here thanks to Stupid Stork. Sending you lots of positive fertile vibes from the east coast! Good luck :)