Thursday, July 19, 2012


What? Of course I am not obsessively googling. Of coooouuuurse not. Nope, not at all, not. at. all. Except maybe a little. Or a lot.


  1. How are you feeling?
    Try not to worry yourself too much (if that is at all possible).

  2. Keep busy doing stuff. Movie marathon, good book, something relaxing.

    This is the hardest part. Because at least when you're stimming and doing the procedures, you know you're DOING something.

    However, there could very well be a party happening in your ute these days. Just sayin'. So, maybe eat for three?

    How are you feeling?

  3. Step away from Dr. Google.

    Eat for three and watch some terrible movies. Do it. DO IT..

  4. Patience, please. Torturing yourself now is futile...

    It's almost the weekend - surely there's something fun you could be planning!

  5. Have some ice cream - the calcium is good for you! Then slowly but surely step away from the evil Dr.

  6. Step away from Dr. Google- oh what the hell am I saying... I am doing it too!

    Time is going so damn slowly. ARGH! Why could these two weeks not be like every other two week interval in the past four years.

    You at least are 1 day ahead of me :-) If that gives you any solace.

    I think I like Stupid Stork's and PJ's advice- movies and eating the best.

    Hugs fellow 2WWer.

  7. Ice cream. If you have a smart phone play words with friends with me. I have some distractions coming your way but the hub sent it snail mail so I just hope it gets there while it can still help you!
    And no more Dr Google.

  8. I've got some distractions headed your way. Hopefully, they'll get there soon!

    And google away. It's the only way I survived my 2ww...

  9. Lol, hang in there. Just remember google can be an evil asshole.

  10. Have you read Hunger Games or Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? A good time to take up an addictive series!!

  11. Waiting impatiently with you. Thinking of you.