Friday, July 13, 2012

Rocking out with my socks

Last night I got an awesome package in the mail from Dora which contained some super lucky socks and a lovely note from her.
I am rocking out with the lucky socks today in honor of Nancy, who was always supportive and always had the best socks.

Aaaand...I'm going to put them on again tomorrow.
I just got a call from the embryologist who said we are on for a 3-day transfer tomorrow. I asked her if the embryos were okay and she kind of hesitated and said they were a little slow and fragmented, which is why they wanted to get them back in the best environment. (Not sure who told her my uterus was the best environment, but we'll go with it.Also, would somebody tell my children that when dividing you should be going for even numbers?! This is what I get for all those years of not paying attention in math.)

So yeah. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

  • Transfer at 10 am.
  •  At 2:30pm, A leaves to go meet up with his sister halfway to St. Louis and pick up two of our nieces. While his sister is donating a kidney we will have two of the five kids for two weeks. Originally, we were supposed to have all five, then none, now we have just the two younger girls. (Ages 8 and 5) I got them signed up for day camps for next week, so they should have more fun than if they had to come to the office with me all day. The one camp that I found that took five year olds and wasn't either really expensive or far away had no space for an 8 year old, so they are going to different camps, which I feel badly about. 
  • At 3pm I am supposed to be picking up friend to be the designated driver for her bachelorette party. I think I am going to have to back out of some of my duties. The plan was to get pedicures, then have a nice dinner with a small group of girlfriends, then go out karaoking at our favorite hole in the wall that used to be a strip club and is now thankfully smoke free. I am thinking that pedicures sound like a lot of chemicals and I don't want to be out too late. So I will join them for dinner and leave karaoke early. Knowing my friend (who I swear, despite what I am about to say, has a lot of good points) she is going to be pissed and bitch about me not planning my IVF around her wedding plans better. Let me tell you how much I care.
So...I hope you are rocking out with your socks and tattoos out and if you could, send some good vibes/prayers/magical brainwaves/whateveryagot at my slow ass embryos. 


  1. Sending you TONS of good thoughts!! Will be thinking lots of good thoughts for you and your transfer. Good luck!

  2. TRANSFER TOMORROW! Woohoo! Sometimes perfect looking embryos result in a BFN, and sometimes imperfect looking embryos result in perfect little babies. I agree with your RE about the best place being inside. That's why we did a thaw and transfer of the day 2 embies that resulted in my Sunshine. Crossing fingers and toes, and sending good mojo your way. xoxo

  3. I am going with the imperfect embies can = perfect babies. Take it easy as you can and hopefully the fuller house means your 2ww flies by with less obsession.
    And for some reason in my car on the way home Bob Marley came on the radio with 'don't worry' & you were the first thing that popped in my head...

  4. Sending you super awesome amazing California vibes.

    Who WOULDN'T want to implant in someone wearing socks like that? Hell, I want to implant.

  5. Io. This post made my night. I have always kept my hope for you tucked deep in my heart that you would have this exact chance. Tomorrow you are going to welcome your babies into the very best environment for them. My kiddos were never supposed to make it either.

  6. I hope those socks are super lucky - and I hope Nancy's watching over your embies and encouraging them to rock out!

  7. You're probably on the transfer table now, so I'm sending you my best wishes and thoughts. Stick, embryo, stick!