Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's going on?

  • So, I did not drive to Cincy to buy wine - I ended up being too tired and coming up with another good idea for my boss's birthday. I got him a Keurig and one of my friends (who works with us a lot and also sees boss man as a hero/father figure/crazy Irish uncle) went in with me on it. After boss man opened it he sat and stared at it, then said "I either love it or I don't want it at all." Two days later he decided on love and spend a crapton of money buying more coffees for it.
  • OK, conspiracy time. Somebody in medical billing has it out for me. 
    • The first bill isn't really conspiracy fodder, it's more just sad-sigh-crapittyfuck: The polyp removal that they refused to tell me the price for because "insurance will cover it" was not completely covered by insurance and I need to cough up $500. I am taking my time on that.
    • Then it gets really annoying: I got a bill for the anesthesia during IVF. Mind you, the day before egg retrieval the nurse was all "Oh, here's the number you need to call to pay for anesthesia" and I was like "What, thought that shit was included in the large check we wrote?" but I sucked it up and called and paid the $550. So when I got a bill in the mail for $823 (that they had tried to run through insurance too - cute) I was pissed. I called and had to convince the woman that *NO* I did not owe them any money. Finally, she figured out that they had me in the system twice and so had listed the bill and the payment in separate accounts.
    • Now I am starting to get suspicious: The one bill I had sort of known was coming but dreaded so I put it out of my mind - the HCG test. Got it in the mail yesterday. $217.85! Yikes! ...But, what is this? The HCG was only $127. There is a second test for Carbmazepine. Which is apparently a test to measure an anti-seizure medication. One that I do not take seeing as how *I don't fucking have epilepsy*. This fact is apparently irrelevant to the billing woman that I talked to (after waiting on hold for 27 minutes - seriously, hire more people). She was quite convinced that I just didn't know what all I was being tested for - like maybe my doctor had slipped me some anti-seizure medication during my IVF cycle without mentioning it. (speaking of conspiracy theories) She put me on hold for several more minutes so she could "check the document" which I assume means they scan lab orders into the system. But...dum dum was nowhere to be found. At which point, I had to go because I had arrived at school for coaching. She was supposed to call me back and never did, but the RE's office called this morning to tell me that they had talked to her and reassured her that they had not ordered anything but HCG Quantitative.
    • So yeah. If you, scary billing person who hates me, is out there reading this - I am so sorry for whatever it is that I did to piss you off. Probably. I mean, you maybe deserved it. But please stop sending bills.
  • Can I tell you about my baby? When I started coaching speech again M was a freshman and just the gawkiest, nicest kid. He was also awful at the activity. I thought there was no way he would make it. I mean, it was painful to watch him perform. But he worked his butt off and just kept improving. He's a senior now and is amazing. We share a love of poetry and performance. This summer he decided to try doing slam and got invited after his first open mic to compete in a big slam event. A bunch of us went (I am not his only mama) and he ended up getting second and just being generally transcendent. I just had to tell you how awesome he is. 
  • I think there is more but I needs go back to work - stupid busy lately. Work is always cutting into my blog time. Ridiculous.


  1. Ok, this is an exceedingly viable extra source of income for you: insurance warrior. I would very happily offer you a large percentage of all savings if you could get rid of bogus bills for me ;-) Seriously, to the office which both ignored 5 voicemails to please get me a bill so I could put it on JD's flex account before he left his last job (would have made it essentially free for me since the money was there and was going to disappear had the fusspot and I not totally binged on Dora bandaids on the last possible day to file claims. We are set until she goes to college with Dora bandaids), and then sent me a much, much larger bill 2 weeks later ... I wish I could send you as emissary.

    Love the mentoring story. He's a lucky guy to have you as his coach.

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  2. I loooooove slams! Love. My college-boyfriend was big on it.

    Stupid work getting in the way of my reading.

  3. Congrats to your baby! Continued success to him...

    Is it one office doing the random charging? Regardless, I'd be writing complaint letters. I am fortunate to have the best insurance ever (knocking on wood), so I almost never have to deal with questions. I hope nobody f's up our union negotiations and loses my insurance provider.

  4. Why does insurance have to be so ridiculously complicated?

    I don't get why your insurance didn't cover the polyp surgery. I'm pretty sure mine did, and I have a crappy HMO.

    Sounds like you are on top of things though. I have a tendency to just go... duh, ok. If you say I have to pay, then I will.

    Like today we had a benefits meeting and I found out that under the new healthcare thing, all well visits have ZERO copay. I just had my yearly OB appointment, and had a $40 copay. Assholes.

  5. Insurance issues make my tummy hurt. I think I recall reading once that you can hire a special consultant just to help you navigate your health claims, etc -- and make those nasty phone calls to billing people, insurance companies, etc. I used to think that sounded crazy. But now I could see.

    By the way, "Carbmazepine" -- I thought that was going to be some delicious Italian dessert pastry thing. Too bad.

  6. You were rightly pissed off. I would be too. Lovely story about M :)

  7. Am fighting with my former insurance company right now over a really old bill, and am sooooo tired of it. But the insurance company I am fighting with is better than the one I have now, which is charging me a "copay" AND "coinsurance" for every damn visit. WTF?! Medical bills are suckage.

    Hope you guys are doing well.

  8. Hellloooo darling - want to check in - are you okay? Alive? You are missed.

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